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FALL 2023

Student smiling“I’m Mamadou Diallo. I’m currently a freshman attending Lehman College with an undecided major. No need to panic because that’s the whole point of college. It’s not about walking in with a plan. It’s more about figuring out who you are and what interests you which is something I wish I knew earlier. As a young teenager, I always thought that every aspect that I participated in had to have something to do with my future which may be true, but not 100 percent valid. It’s not our mistakes that make us who we are, but the consistency of trying to improve in whatever one may be doing. At the age of 14, I was sent to a small country in West Africa to learn discipline after making many mistakes at a young age. I learned a lot and realized that those mistakes are not what make me. I look forward to making more mistakes, because those mistakes will just teach me more lessons about life. So things like choosing a “wrong” major or other things may be mistakes, but I’ll learn from it. And that’s the foundation of being a college student.”

“My name is Myla Minaya. I am 18 years old, and I am an upper sophomore. During my high school years, I was blessed to receive the opportunity to take college courses at CCNY through the Early College Initiative program. I was engaged in challenging college-level work while in high school and got a jump-start on college readiness. I am beyond thankful for the opportunities that both my high school, CCAA and CCNY has given me. Now that I am attending Lehman College, the onboarding process has been remarkably easy and smooth. Everyone here is extremely welcoming! When it comes to the students and staff, everyone is always immensely supportive and inspiring. For the upcoming students, one thing I can say is that it is okay to doubt yourself. Before attending Lehman, I was insistent on going into the medical field. After taking some courses, I have now switched to something that has nothing to do with medicine! Nevertheless, it is okay to not know what you want; you can always find your passion. It can be scary deciding what to do for your future, but determination takes time and persistence. Your Lehman Advisors will always be there to listen to your ideas and will always be there to guide you in the right direction.”
"My name is Syncere Clarke, but I go by Syn. I was born in Manhattan and raised in the Bronx. I’m a freshman at Lehman College and my journey here so far has been fantastic. The professors and advisors are very communicative and always remind you that they’re there to help if and when you’re in need of it. I came into this college super shy and scared to make friends but as each day goes on, I step more and more out of my comfort zone and I’ve already made a small group of friends. When onboarding, I had my fears that there would be many complicating factors but my advisor made my onboarding process easier than ever! Some advice that I would give to the new people attending Lehman is: don’t be scared because in college, closed mouths don’t get fed. While it may be overwhelming due to it being a larger setting, there’s nothing wrong finding at least one person to confide in, whether that may be a professor, an advisor, or a fellow colleague. Your first year of college may be hard to go through alone, so finding that one person you're comfortable enough to talk to can go a long way."

 “My name is Antonio Angel Cordero, and I am from the Bronx. Overall, I would say that my school journey has been all over the place. I graduated high school 3 years ago, so coming to Lehman seemed a bit intimidating at first. This was because I was out of a school setting for so long, and honestly, I doubted myself. But since I have started here, the experience has been great and I am back to working hard again. I have already made a few friends and I enjoy all of my classes for this semester. The professors are engaging and hands-on with the students. They go above and beyond to ensure everyone understands the material. The professors are eager for students to ask questions and are available after class times for clarifying questions. Overall, they make the class setting a safe space for students to be active participants. One message I would like to send out to all new students is do not be afraid to ask questions. Try new things, even if they seem scary or intimidating. Face it on courageously because what scares us the most is what yields the greatest rewards. If you see me around, please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions, I would be more than happy to share what I know.”

 “My name is Bara Alomari, and I'm Middle Eastern. The transition from high school to Lehman College has been an easy journey thanks to Lehman's team of advisors. From their friendly smiles and quickly getting me on track, they've been an amazing help. As a first-year Biology major, they've helped me organize myself and made the start of my journey so much easier, Alhamdulilah. Not only do we have such a beautiful campus but we have plenty of supportive and encouraging students and staff. My message to all the new students is the sky is your limit, and the only thing in the way is ourselves, so get out of your way and let yourself flourish because nothing is impossible. A big thank you to Lehman's team of advisors for showing me that and pushing me to be the best version of myself. I'm grateful for all the support I have and how accepting and diverse Lehman is and hopefully, your experience is just as great.”

“My name is William Aquino. I am 19 years old and I’m from the Bronx, New York. While my parents are from Paraguay, I was born and raised in the Bronx. Being able to come to Lehman, is such a blessing and an amazing opportunity to enhance my life and the lives of others. Lehman is a great school choice for me because of how close it is, how beautiful the campus is, and how great the staff is. I would not have been here if it were not for the great onboarding team at Lehman. The onboarding advisors really care about students and are very fast and knowledgeable about schedules and student/campus life. Though I am undecided, my advisors are always there to help me explore my options and find what I want. The Lehman campus really represents the elegance and beauty of the school. To all the newcomers, be sure to try your best at everything; whether it’s for a class, or making friends, always put your best work, that way even if it fails, you know you did what you could. I’m excited to learn and build friendships here at Lehman.”