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1. I’ve been admitted! When do I get assigned an advisor and how can I make an appointment with my assigned advisor?

Once you receive your Letter of Admittance to Lehman College, and accept the offer, you will be assigned an Onboarding Advisor.

You can find out who your assigned advisor is and schedule an appointment with them via Lehman Navigate using your CUNYfirst login credentials. You will receive a welcome text or email once your onboarding advisor has been assigned. Email with any questions or concerns, including questions regarding Advisor availability or if you have not been assigned an Advisor after committing to Lehman. Please make sure to incorporate your full name and EMPLID in any emails to your Advisor, the main office, or any official Lehman email addresses.

2. How many advisors will I have during my time at Lehman?

An Onboarding Academic Advisor supports entering and returning students through various enrollment barriers and provide academic advisement for their first-semester registration. You will switch from your assigned Onboarding Academic Advisor to your assigned General Academic Advisor at the point of Census.

A General Academic Advisor guides and supports students as they progress through their first semester toward the successful completion of their degrees.

A Major Advisor focuses on the courses pertaining to the choice of study.

A Graduation Specialist provides advisement and support to students during the final year of degree completion. Some students will go directly from their Onboarding Academic Advisor to their Graduation Specialist.

3. I am a transfer or second-degree student and I have a Major Declaration Hold in my account. What can I do?

If you have earned or are transferring 60 or more credits, you must declare an Academic Plan (major) before registering for classes. You must submit an iDeclare request via your Lehman360 Connect with your Onboarding Advisor for further information regarding declaring your major.

4. What is the process to register for classes?

You can register for classes on or after your enrollment “appointment” date using Schedule Builder via CUNYfirst Student Center.

For questions regarding “writing intensive” classes or any other requirement listed on your DegreeWorks, please connect with your assigned Advisor.

Entering Freshmen must meet with their assigned Onboarding Advisor to be enrolled in classes for their first semester.

All students can view their schedules once enrolled via Schedule Builder or CUNYfirst.

5. When I try to register for a class, it says that permission is needed. What does that mean?

Certain courses require departmental permission to register. These courses may be Language, Math, or specific major courses. If you attempt to register for a course and permission is required, you should contact the department that offers the course to request permission to enroll in the class.

6. What do I do if a class is full?

An ePermit allows you to take a course at another College while still being a Lehman Student. It is a great option when the course you are looking for is either full, not offered at all, or during a day/time that is not compatible with your schedule at Lehman’s campus.

7. Did I receive Financial Aid? How do I check?

You should fill out your FAFSA, TAP, and any additional financial aid applications as soon as possible. For all questions regarding Federal Aid (FAFSA), State Aid (TAP), and/or Scholarships, please connect with the corresponding Office. Academic Advisors do not have access to financial details and cannot advise you on anything regarding this topic.

Keep in mind that FAFSA and TAP require two separate applications that must be renewed every academic year.

8. Can I take winter and summer courses?

Summer and winter courses are an option for students who are interested and are a great way to catch up or get ahead. However, to see if you will get any financial aid in relation to these sessions, you must check with the Financial Aid Office to see about your individual package.

9. How do I complete my Transfer Credit Evaluation (TCE)?

If you have earned any credits at an accredited institution, a Transfer Credit Evaluation (TCE) must be completed by the Admissions Office before you can be assigned to an Advisor. Additionally, if you have any AP Test scores, please have them sent to Lehman from the College Board website.

If you have questions about where you are in these steps, please contact the Admissions Office. If all these steps have been completed and you still do not have an assigned Advisor, please contact the Onboarding Advisement Office for further support.

10. Why is my GPA 0/- on DegreeWorks?

As a new student to Lehman College, you have not yet taken courses and thus have not received any grades from Lehman. As such, you have a blank grade, usually shown with “- “or a “0”. This does not mean that your GPA is “0” and you are failing, only that there is nothing to calculate yet.

11. What support services does Lehman offer?

Tutoring Services

Career Services

Student Disability Services

Counseling Services

Veterans Office

International Students

Connect with your Advisor via Navigate to see what other Offices are available and might be of assistance.

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Disability Services


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