Graduation Information for Graduate Students

Graduation Specialists

The role of the Graduate Graduation Specialist is pivotal in ensuring the smooth and efficient completion of student degrees within Masters, Doctorates, and Advanced Certificate programs. They collaborate closely with Faculty Advisors, Chairs, the Office of Graduate Studies, and other relevant departments to facilitate the graduation process for students.

The Graduate Graduation Specialist plays a crucial role in supporting students on their academic journey and ensuring that they successfully complete their degrees within the specified programs. Their attention to detail, effective communication skills, and ability to collaborate with various stakeholders contribute to the overall success of the graduation process.

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In order to qualify for graduation, students must satisfy the following requirements:

Master's Degree

  • At least (30) cumulative credits
  • At least ½ total graduate credits OR (18) credits in “Residency” (whichever is greater)
  • All “Major” requirements completed
  • (3.0) GPA in declared Major
  • (3.0) GPA in overall credits completed
  • Students who are “not enrolled” at the time of applying for graduation, must register for the Maintenance of Matriculation Fee
  • Any Satisfactory Progress (SP) Grade must be resolved prior to conferral of degree

Incomplete (INC) grades must be resolved prior to the date of graduation. Click here for more information on the policy for INC grades.

Grades cannot be changed once a student has graduated and their academic record is closed. Click here for more information on the Change of Grade Policy and Process.

Master's degree candidates who are required to pass a comprehensive examination as part of their degree requirements should consult the Graduate Program Adviser in the program in which they are enrolled to determine the precise requirements for the degree in that program. Graduate students who are required to take the comprehensive exam are required to complete the exam prior to graduation. Click here for full policy.

Graduate students who are required to complete a thesis or capstone project must submit an electric copy of their thesis to the Leonard Lief Library. Prior to graduation, students must provide a copy of the Acknowledgement of Receipt to their graduate or thesis adviser. Thesis or Capstone Project must be completed prior to graduation. Click here for full policy.

To graduate from a master’s and advanced certificate program simultaneously, a student must complete the requirements for both programs during the semester they intend to graduate. A positive service indicator is placed on the student record to identify students pursuing both Masters’ and Advanced Certificate concurrently. Click here for full policy.

Eligible students will be sent an email invitation via their LC.CUNY.EDU email with instructions on How to Apply and How to View Application Status.

A student who expects to graduate at the end of a semester must file an application for graduation by the deadline which is posted on the corresponding Academic Calendar. Prior to applying for graduation, kindly visit an Academic and Department Advisor to ensure all requirements have been met. Any student who does not meet the requirements to graduate must cancel their graduation. Students may re-file in any subsequent semester in which graduation is anticipated.

The Graduation Ceremony for the Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer graduation candidates is held on the last days of May or early June. Check the Spring Academic Calendar for the Ceremony dates. Students may contact the Student Affairs Office for information regarding cap and gowns, rings, photos, yearbook, etc. Students may contact their office via email at You may also view Commencement information online on the Commencement Ceremony page on the Lehman Webpage.