Office of Research Administration, Compliance, Learning, and Enhancement (ORACLE)

Building on 50 years of outstanding research at Lehman College, the Office of Research Administration, Compliance, Learning, and Enhancement (ORACLE), is spearheading a ten-year commitment by the college to achieve a Carnegie classification of R2: High Research Spending and Doctorate Production.

To reach R2 status, Lehman must meet the threshold of 20 doctoral research degrees and spend at least $5 million on total research expenditures.

ORACLE, which replaces and expands on the work of the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP), is a strategic investment that will help fulfill the promise of a better aligned administrative structure to support all aspects of faculty and administrative research, scholarly work, and sponsored programs.

Research Administration, Compliance, Learning, and Enhancement


Research Administration - ORACLE will facilitate and support all pre- and post-award grant and contract activities across the college, non-financial post-award actions, as well as routine reporting. Liaising closely with the Research Foundation, this unit will provide enhanced support to faculty and staff who need assistance with award management and navigating post-award processes. 

Research Compliance - A single point of contact for all aspects of research and sponsored programs compliance (i.e. IRB, RCR, Export Control, etc.). ORACLE will serve as a conduit between researchers, campus compliance personnel, and the CUNY Central Office of Research Integrity and Compliance. ORACLE will also work with the department of buildings and grounds to assist with laboratory facilities management.

Research Learning (Coming Soon)
- ORACLE will engage closely across the college with the library, schools, and the newly established Center for Teaching and Learning to provide clear and consistent learning materials, professional development, and information dissemination across the institution.

Research Enhancement (Coming Soon)
- Intended as the research development arm of ORACLE, this unit will support faculty in proposal development support, and identify sources of external funding and collaborative opportunities to ensure faculty and researchers are given the optimal support and development in their continued research work.


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