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New Announcements

CUNY’s degree audit and advisement tool (DegreeWorks), is being upgraded in Fall 2022. You will notice a significantly different look and feel in this updated version. The updated version is much simpler and more streamlined, with additional features you will appreciate. However, the basic functions of Degree Works remain much the same. The updated user interface provides navigation and accessibility improvements and incorporates a visual card design and automatically scales and arranges card contents to fit the device display in use. For more information on the upgrades to DegreeWorks, click here.

DegreeWorks New Dashboard

Introducing DegreeWorks 5.0.7, an enhanced, easy-to-use, web-based degree audit and academic advising tool designed to personalize the advisement process at Lehman College. The modern design is now a responsive and dynamic Dashboard that will adapt to the size of any device-cell phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

What is DegreeWorks?

The computerized advising/degree progress audit system, "DegreeWorks", evaluates course work taken against degree requirements to determine progress toward the completion of a degree. The system provides a Degree Audit, which is a comprehensive snapshot of your academic record evaluated against the requirement areas for a specific degree.

The purpose of "DegreeWorks” is to enhance advising by providing accurate and comprehensive information that can be used in consultation with an advisor to make programming decisions. All students are encouraged to contact their advisor for academic advisement. Many academic plans (majors/minors) and subplans (concentrations, options or tracks) call for the selection of course work in consultation with an advisor. Additionally, an advisor will be able to anticipate problems and make adjustments to a program, when necessary.

DegreeWorks Features

  • The Degree Audit- Displays student progress toward completion of their degree requirements. It also displays student major(s), minor(s), and concentration(s), if any. Other information that is displayed in the Audit report are General Education requirements, Major/ Minor requirements, GPA information, elective courses as well as insufficient courses.
  • What-If Audit- Allows advisors and students to process speculative degree audits for students using their current class history and any plan future courses. Students can use this audit if they are thinking of changing their majors, minors, and/or concentrations and would like to know where they stand in the new curriculum.
  • Student Educational Plan (SEP) - The plan contains the Planner Audit, which is similar to the Degree Audit with a grid-like feature called Student Educational Plan (SEP) that advisors can use to create a schedule plan for as many as 6 years. Students can only view (but not create or edit) these planned schedules.
  • Notes - Notes allow advisors to make permanent notes of what was discussed and what needs to be done next. You may also want to view what has been discussed with the student with previous advisors. The note feature allows you to add, modify and delete your notes.

How to Access DegreeWorks

  • Log in to CUNYfirst
  • Click on the Student Center Tile
  • Click on the DegreeWorks and FACTS Tiles

DegreeWorks Resources and Guides

For questions and/or comments on DegreeWorks, send e-mails to: