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The Division of Student Affairs at Lehman College

Welcome Message

The Division of Student Affairs includes diverse offices that work to address, enrich, and ensure the quality of your Lehman experience. We offer opportunities to assist you in your social, personal, and emotional development, with the goal of encouraging your intellectual and ethical growth through clubs, leadership activities, and varied community events that serve our neighbors, near and far. Remember, the whole campus is a classroom.

The faculty, administration, staff, and your fellow students are available and eager to assist you in academic and non-academic matters including, but not limited to, tutoring, advising, financial aid, career and personal counseling, health issues, as well as helping you negotiate the administrative regulations and structure of Lehman College. We all work together to foster in you a strong, responsible, and productive quality of life, both on and off campus.

The Division of Student Affairs, as well as all divisions of the College, are committed to promoting integrity, respect for all, social and intellectual involvement, lifelong learning and regard for diversity in all of its avenues.

Please use our website. It is dynamic. It grows and changes along with the College. I also suggest strongly that you read the College Catalog and the Student Handbook, both of which are on our website. Familiarize yourself with us and allow us to get to know you.

Very best wishes for a productive and successful year!


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