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Office of the Registrar at Lehman College

Alternative Credit Options

The College Completion Innovation Fund aims to assist students in identifying alternative low-cost opportunities to earn credits towards the completion of their degrees. We recognize that many of our students have a considerable amount of learning, work, and life experience that might be applicable for college credit. For further information regarding the below alternative options you may contact:

Alisa Cooper
CCIF Success Coach

Josselyn Zavala
Program Assistant


Shuster Hall Room 102
250 Bedford Park Blvd. West
Bronx, NY 10468
Email: College.CompletionCredit@Lehman.Cuny.Edu

Credit by Examination

Advanced Placement Examinations (AP)

Students who have completed Advanced Placement courses in High School and have successfully passed the corresponding AP Tests of the College Entrance Examination Board are exempt from taking the Lehman College course equivalent, and will receive credit.

  • For a list of AP exams, its Lehman equivalent, and the necessary score to earn credit please click here.
  • For additional information on College Board Score reporting click here.
  • To Submit AP Scores directly to Lehman College please enter the school code 2312 on the “Score Recipient” section of your College Board account, or at the time of your examination. *If necessary, you may send a copy of your scores directly to the college (in pdf format only) labeled with your full name and student EMPLID to
College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Earn college credits for information you already know through The College Level Examination Program®. CLEP is nationally recognized standardized testing based on intro level course material. Lehman College provides credit for successful scores on specified listed CLEP exams- these exams have been reviewed, and are approved to satisfy Lehman course equivalents. Some courses may not be considered as an exact equivalent, but will count as an elective credit at Lehman College.

  • For more information on acceptable exams and their Lehman College equivalent please click here
  • For information on how to register for a CLEP exam and submit scores, please click here.*We ask that you submit electronic score reports as outlined in the link provided. If necessary, you may send a copy of your scores directly to the college (in pdf format only) labeled with your full name and student EMPLID to a CCIF coach at

*Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, CUNY on the Concourse remains closed. We will post an update once they re-open. Students have the option to take a CLEP exam at any open and convenient test center of their choice.

New View Test Centers, LLC located at 3250 Westchester Ave Suite 126 is currently open and administering CLEP exams. For more information visit or contact them at (347) 281-8950. Please make sure to have the scores sent to Lehman College, Code: 2312


Credit by Certification

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), through their online Emergency Management Institute, allows students to earn transferable academic credit by taking Independent Study Courses. Once completed, Frederick Community College will evaluate your scores for college credit, and you will be able to request an electronic transcript through *Parchment (outlined in steps below). Credits earned through FEMA/EMI courses can be used to fulfill general electives only, and will not be considered liberal arts credits. Please note, that in order to be eligible to receive credit for EMI courses, you may not have more 90 transfer credits in total.

NOTE: Several of the Independent Study courses are eligible for one college credit, while others require a combination of courses be taken in order to obtain the one credit.

  • For instructions on how to register for an Independent Study course, and on how to request a transcript through parchment to receive credit at Lehman College, click here.
COVID-19 Certification

Earn one Health Education Elective Credit (HEA 2000) towards your degree while aiding in the fight against the global pandemic COVID-19. Students who complete the following three certificate courses: COVID-19:Contact Tracing (Johns Hopkins), Environmental Services: Infection Prevention and Control in the Time of COVID-19 (Local 1199 TUF) and Psychological First Aid: Supporting Yourself and Others During COVID-19 (American Red Cross) will be eligible to earn 1 college elective credit while enhancing their career portfolios. There is currently only a $20 fee associated with the American Red Cross course.

  • Click here more information on how to complete each certificate course and earn your credit.

Build your career and expand your professional knowledge through Coursera while earning college credits. Coursera is nationally recognized as an online educational platform providing University and College students with an online range of video lectures taught by university professors and company staff around the nation. Lehman College offers the opportunity to complete specific online courses through Coursera that have been reviewed and are approved to satisfy the Lehman College Liberal Arts credit requirements.

For more information on acceptable Coursera courses and their Lehman College credit number equivalency, please click here.

*Students seeking to earn credit through the Lehman approved Coursera certificates, MUST purchase their certificate from Coursera in order to submit to the Alternative Credit option program. Courses completed without proof of certificate will not be awarded credit.


Credit for Prior Learning

Lifetime Experience Credits

Lehman College acknowledges that students experience significant learning outside of the traditional classroom setting. Students that are part of Lehman College’s Adult Degree Program (ADP) can earn up to 15 Liberal Arts elective credits for prior learning that is equivalent to coursework taught at Lehman College..

PLA credits count as transfer liberal arts electives. ADP students who can utilize these types of credits toward the 120 credits required for their Bachelor’s degree should request permission to enroll in IBA 360. This is a 3-credit course that helps students to compile a portfolio that documents their prior learning Portfolios are then evaluated by the appropriate department. Pre-requisites for IBA 360 are as follows: ADP student, min of 70 credits of which 12 have been earned at Lehman, completion of English composition requirements.

For more information, kindly contact the Adult Degree Program:
Carman Hall Room 128
250 Bedford Park Blvd. West
Bronx, NY 10468
Phone: 718-960-8666
Fax: 718-960-8727
Email:  Adult.Degree@Lehman.Cuny.Edu

Military Service Credits

The college follows the recommendations of the American Council on Education (ACE) in granting credit for military training, based on the review of a student’s military transcripts.  If you are a veteran and wish to apply for military service credit, you must file an Application for Military Service Credit through the Office of Military and Veterans Affairs, located in Shuster Hall Room 201B.  Veterans who are currently enrolled at the college may also be eligible to earn credits for select military training and education pursuant to the rules governing the evaluation of transfer credits as presented in the Undergraduate Bulletin.  To view more information and resources for veterans, click here.

For more information kindly contact the Office of Military and Veterans Affairs:
Office of Veteran and Military Affairs
250 Bedford Park Blvd. West | Shuster 201
Bronx, NY 10468-1589 | V: 718-960-7188
Email:  Veterans.Affairs@Lehman.Cuny.Edu

International Baccalaureate

Lehman College admits students who have completed the International Baccalaureate diploma. In accordance with the CUNY policy, a student at Lehman College can earn credit from an International Baccalaureate (IB) program. The credits awarded will apply towards the overall number of credits required for graduation. Lehman College students can earn IB credits in two ways:

  1. 30+ Points with an IB Diploma
    • Students who have completed an IB Diploma with 30 points or higher will be awarded 30 credits.
  2. 29 Points or less and students who did not complete the Diploma
    • Students with a score of 29 or less, and students that did not complete the IB diploma, may be awarded college credits for Higher-Level IB exams with scores of “5” or better in accordance with the Lehman equivalencies. For more information on the IB program, please see International

An official IB transcript and diploma (if applicable) are required for credit review. For additional information on CUNY’s policy on course credit based on scores on International Baccalaureate Diploma/ Exams, please see Policy for Course based on Scores on International Baccalaureate Diploma/Exams.

Note: International Baccalaureate Credits earned can only be used to fulfill General Elective requirements. These credits will be reflected on the student’s Lehman college transcript but are not included in the computation of the student’s cumulative GPA.