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Office of the Registrar at Lehman College

Alternative Credit Options

The Alternative Credit Option/CPL Progam aims to assist students in identifying alternative low-cost opportunities to earn credits towards the completion of their degrees. We recognize that many of our students have a considerable amount of learning, work, and life experience that might be applicable for college credit. For further information regarding the below alternative options you may contact:

Alisa Cooper
Program Coordinator

Josselyn Zavala
Program Assistant

Email: College.CompletionCredit@Lehman.Cuny.Edu

Alternative Credit Option Information

Students are recommended to speak with their Academic Advisor, Program Director, or a member of the Alternative Credit Option Team before purchasing or registering for an exam or certificate. Students should also keep the following information in mind:

  • Alternative Credit Options do not count towards full-time enrollment, are not calculated in your cumlative GPA, and are not covered by Financial Aid
  • Alternative Credit Options are offered by platforms outside of Lehman College, although we do recognize them for credit. Cost of options and length of completion will vary based on Certificate or exam.
  • Students who choose to complete Independent Study Courses through FEMA's Emergency Management Institute must Familiarize themselves with procedures listed on EM Studies website for obtaining a transcript. Procedures, dates, and deadlines for transcript requests are subject to change and the latest information will be posted directly through EM Study.

To view the below options in a PDF Guide, click here Click Here.

Alternative Credit Option Eligibility Criteria How to Register? How to Submit for Credit?
AP (Advance Placement) Completed AP courses in High School and successfully passed the AP test of the College Entrance Examination Board

For a list of AP exams, the Lehman Equivalent and the necessary score to earn credit, please click here. Incoming Freshman should request their scores to be sent electronically through College Board. When requesting an eletronic copy of your scores, kindly ensure you include Lehman's School Code: 2312. Current students may submit scores (in PDF format only) labeled with your full name and student EMPLID to
CLEP (College Examination Program) Open General Education Electives/Liberal Art Electives

To view a step-by-step registration guide, Click here.

For a list of CLEP, the Lehman Equivalent and the credit amount, Click Here

Send a copy of your CLEP scores directly to the college (in pdf format only) labeled with your full name and student EMPLID to Students may request an electronic copy of their score to be sent by selecting "Lehman College" and using School Code 2312.
COURSERA Open General Education Electives/Liberal Art Electives Register for approved Coursera courses and purchase certificate once completed to submit for credit. Click Here

Submit certificate of completion in PDF format labeled "FirstnameLastname_EMPLID" with subject line "COURSERA _ coursename" to
COVID-19 Certification Open General Electives/HEA Elective Credit COVID-19:Contact Tracing (Johns Hopkins) Environmental Services: Infection Prevention and Control in the Time of COVID-19 (Local 1199 TUF) Returning to work during COVID-19: Safe workpractices online (AmericanRed Cross)

Submit all three certificates of completion in PDF format labeled "FirstnameLastname_EMPLID" with subject line "COURSERA _ coursename" to
FEMA General Education Electives ONLY Click Here Submit FEMA certificate if 1 credit ONLY. If more than 1 credit is being fulfilled, please visit this page to convert to college credit.

CSM Learn General Education Electives/Liberal Arts Electives *Option available upon advisement ONLY Click Here Credits will only be processed by submitting an official ACE transcript through "Credly" use the below email when requesting transcript include in email: full name, EMPLID, and CSM learn certification as the subject line.

IB (International Baccalaureate) Students who have completed an IB Diploma with 30 points or higher will be awarded 30 credits. 29 points or less and no IB Diploma may be awarded college credits for IB exams with scores "5" or better.

Students should have received an IB diploma to be awarded credit An official IB transcript and diploma (if applicable) are required for credit review. Please submit an official IB transcript to
in PDF format, labeled with Full name and EMPLID.
Military Service Credits Military Training File an Application for Military Service Credit through the Office of Military and Veterans Affairs Please contact the Office of Military and Veterans Affairs:
Office of Veteran and Military Affairs at