For the BSW in Social Work Contact:
Catherine Cassidy at 718-960-6782  

For the MSW in Social Work Contact:
Deborah Rubin 718-960-8856

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Applications to the Undergraduate Social Work Program are available in Carman Hall, Room B-18. Applications must be submitted to the Undergraduate Social Work Program, either by mail or in person, to the Undergraduate Social Work Coordinator, located in Carman Hall, Room B-18. This application is separate from the application to Lehman College.
Students’ applications for admission to the Social Work program will be considered based on the completion of the following requirements, or completed during the semester in which they are submitting their application:

  • Minimum of 54 college credits (prior to the beginning of the program).
  • Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare (SWK 237)
  • Foundations of Sociology (SOC 166)
  • Minimum cumulative index of 2.7. Note: A minimum cumulative index of 2.9 is recommended. Because admission to the program is competitive, achievement of the minimum or recommended GPA does not guarantee acceptance.

Application forms are available in the Social Work Department office, Carman Hall, Room B18 or may be downloaded. All students are encouraged to consult the Pre- and Corequisite Guide when planning their program.
To discuss eligibility for admission and to plan your program, contact:

Catherine Cassidy
Undergraduate Social Work Program Coordinator
Carman Hall, Room B-18, 718-960-6782

The following information applies to Transfer students:

  • Students must be accepted to Lehman College before submitting their application to the Social Work Program.
  • The above requirements may be completed at Lehman College, or the equivalent courses may be completed at other colleges previously attended, if the credits are transferable.
  • All transcripts from colleges previously attended must be included with the social work application; student copies of transcripts are acceptable for this purpose.
  • Transfer students with a cumulative index lower than 2.7 may apply to the Social Work Program after completing 12 credits at Lehman College and achieving a 2.7 cumulative index.

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All Tracks:

  • Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university, including 45 liberal arts credits.
  • Minimum undergraduate grade average of 3.0.
  • Application to the program, including a personal statement that addresses preparation for the program, career goals, and understanding of the profession and commitment to social work values.
  • Three letters of recommendation addressing applicant's suitability for the social work profession and preparedness to enter a rigorous academic program. At least two letters should be from college faculty and/or professionals in fields related to social work.
  • Resume.
  • An interview may be required.

Applicants to Track C, Advanced Standing Program:

In addition to the above:

  • Bachelor's degree with a Social Work major from a Social Work program accredited by the Council on Social Work Education.
  • Minimum 3.2 cumulative index in the major.
  • Include, among the three references, one reference from the advisor in the baccalaureate Social Work program or from the Program Director, and another from a field supervisor.
  • Additional essay question that focuses on an illustration from the field.

Selection Process:

Applications are reviewed by the MSW Program Director, the MSW Admissions Director, and multiple faculty readers. Applications will be evaluated on:

  • Academic history.
  • Quality of personal statement, including degree of self-awareness, conceptual ability, understanding of the profession and commitment to social work values, and communication skills.
  • Letters of recommendation.

Additional Comments:

Applicants for Advanced Standing must provide course descriptions for courses in the undergraduate Social Work major; the Graduate Advisor will determine exemption from courses in the Year One curriculum.