Financial Aid and Enrollment Requirements

Financial aid awards will initially be calculated on CUNYfirst  as estimates based on full-time enrollment, regardless of actual enrollment, if any (see enrollment status below). If you register full-time and remain registered full-time, your estimated awards may not change. However, if you register part-time or later drop to a part-time status, your awards will be adjusted, resulting in a reduction of financial aid and a possible balance due to the College.  Awards will be adjusted periodically, based on actual enrollment, beginning a few weeks prior to the start of classes and the college’s first cancellation run. Email notifications will be sent regarding the dates on which re-evaluation of awards and enrollment will occur. It is important to review your aid and term balances on the CUNYfirst self service center during this time, especially if your enrollment status is NOT full-time.

Enrollment Status - Undergraduate and Graduate Credits
Full time 12 or more credits
3/4 time 9–11.5 credits  
1/2 time 6–8.5 credits
1/2 time 1-5.5 credits


Enrollment Status:
Undergraduate and Graduate

Credits Financial Aid Programs available
Full time 12 or more credits All federal aid including full-time Pell Grant*, SEEK and TAP
3/4 time 9–11.5 credits    All federal aid including 3/4 time Pell Grant* and APTS
1/2 time 6–8.5 credits All federal aid including 1/2 time Pell Grant* and APTS
1/2 time 1–5.5 credits 1/2 time Federal Pell Grant Only

 Download - 2023-2024 Federal Pell Grant Chart

Financial Aid Census Date

The Financial Aid (FA) Census Date is the day immediately following the final add deadline each term. At that time your financial aid eligibility is again reviewed. If your enrollment status has changed, your aid may be reduced and you may owe a balance to the College.

Drops and Withdrawals

Dropping classes after financial aid has disbursed and before the FA census date will result in a Return to Title IV calculation.

Dropping/withdrawing (WD and/or W grades) classes after the FA census date will result in a Return to Title IV calculation.