CUNY Inclusive Economy

CUNY Inclusive Economy Project is Lehman College’s commitment to increasing economic mobility through quality education is our central mission. This commitment seeks to expand opportunities through external partnerships for applied learning and career engagement that assures pragmatic experiential learning as a signature component of a Lehman education. The CIE Initiative embeds experiential learning opportunities deeply in the college’s culture by locating an Industry Employment Specialists (IS) and Academic Career Advisors (HA) in three departments that will each serve multiple majors in ways that advance the goal of our strategic plan goal: Departments of Health Equity, Administration & Technology (HEAT), industry specialists and advisors within each department will focus on the  health sector and serve majors in health science, public health, psychology, and sociology majors.

Justin Simmons is the Industry Employment Specialist in HEAT at

Christine Calero is the Academic Career Advisor in HEAT at