Online Bachelors of Science in Health Services Administration

Lehman College’s Bachelors of Science in Health Services Administration is a 54-credit major providing students with the critical knowledge and skills needed by health services managers who will work with clinicians to manage health care delivery systems, hospitals, organized physician groups, community health facilities (including ambulatory care facilities), nursing homes, extended care facilities, financing and insurance agencies, managed care organizations, and other organizations which either directly provide critical personal health care services or support the provision of those services. The online offerings ensures that Lehman students will be able to complete 50% or more of the coursework in a fully online modality. This will enable all students, with diverse cultural, linguistic, and economic backgrounds, to meet their potentials and to succeed in health services administration. With specific emphasis on the urban environment, graduates will be able to meet the unique needs of underrepresented students and provide appropriate curricula at all levels of instruction.

  • Online course offerings – more than half of all courses offered either synchronously or asynchronously online
  • Affordable Tuition
  • Completion of major in as few as 54 credits
  • Courses offered in summer, fall, winter, and spring
  • Courses taught by dedicated, caring faculty experienced in health administration with extensive experience in online education

Required Courses (54 credits):

9 credits in Departmental courses:

  • HSD 266: The U.S. Health Care Delivery System - 3 credits
  • HSD 269: Fundamentals of Biostatistics for Health Professionals - 3 credits
  • HSD 306: Epidemiology - 3 credits

18 credits in Health Services Administration:

  • HSA 267: Management of Health Organizations - 3 credits
  • HSA 301: Human Resources Management and Labor Relations in Health Services - 3 credits
  • HSA 304:Financial Aspects of Health Care Administration - 3 credits
  • HSA 312: Managed Health Care - 3 credits
  • HSA 402: Research and Program Evaluation in Health Services Administration - 3 credits
  • HSA 403: Strategic Management: Health Planning in a Competitive Environment - 3 credits

6 credits in Health Services Administration Internship:

  • HSA 469: Health Services Administration Pre-Internship Seminar - 3 credits
  • HSA 470: Health Services Administration Internship - 3 credits

Departmental permission required to waive internship. Applications for waiver must be submitted 60 days prior to the semester the internship will take place.

6 credits in Psychology:

  •  PSY 166: General Psychology - 3 credits 
  • PSY One 200 or 300 Level PSY course - Chosen with HSA advisement

6 credits in Economics and Accounting:

  • ECO 166: Introduction to Macroeconomics - 3 credits OR ECO 167: Introduction to Microeconomics - 3 credits
  • ACC 185: Introduction to Accounting for Non-Accounting Majors - 3 credits OR ACC 171: Principles of Accounting I - 3 credits

9 credits of required electives:

Chosen from the approved list of HSA Major Electives or their equivalent in conjunction with HSA adviser or other Departmental approval as appropriate.

HSD Courses:

  • HSD 240: Nutrition and Health - 3 credits
  • HSD 308: Legal Issues in Health Care - 3 credits

HSA Courses:

  • HSA 320: Long-Term Care Administration - 3 credits
  • HSA 325: Nursing Home Administration - 3 credits
  • HSA 401: Quality Improvement in Health Services Organizations - 3 credits
  • BIO 181: Anatomy and Physiology I - 3 credits
  • ENW 300: Business Writing - 3 credits
  • ENW 307: Health and Science Writing - 3 credits
  • PHI 172: Contemporary Moral Issues - 3 credits
  • PHI 330: Business Ethics - 3 credits
  • SOC 240: Death, Dying, and Bereavement - 3 credits
  • SOC 305: Sociology of Health Care - 3 credits
  • PSY 335: Health Psychology - 3 credits
  • HIN 268: Growth and Development - 3 credits
  • BBA 204: Principles of Management - 3 credits
  • BBA 336: Business Law I - 3 credits

ENW 300 (Formerly ENW 204) (Need English Department Approval)

ENW 3070 (Need English Department Approval)

PHI 330 (PREREQS: BBA 204 or Philosophy Department Approval)

SOC 305 (Must Have Taken SOC 166)

PSY 335 (May count as an HSA Major Elective, or as meeting the 200/300 Level Psychology Requirement, but it cannot count as both)

HIN 268 (Requires Nursing Department Approval)

HEA, HPI, REC, REH, AND EXS Courses may be used to fulfill the HSA major elective requirements. Individual courses may also require approval by the professor who teaches the course.

Minimum cumulative index of 2.5 GPA in undergraduate studies

To give students an enhanced capacity and opportunity to seek and obtain challenging administrative positions which allow them to plan, implement, and manage a wide variety of health services which are delivered in a comprehensive range of health services organizations and settings.

To provide students with an educational background which helps them to pursue a variety of health services career options, including certification and licensure options: for instance, an HSA major can help students meet the professional requirements which will make them eligible for admission to the New York State Licensing Examination for Nursing Home Administrators.

To prepare students for graduate study in Health Services Administration.


For more information, contact the program coordinators:

Professor Tailisha Gonzalez:

Dr. Amy White:

Classes are offered Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer with the culminating internship courses offered sequentially in the Fall and Spring semesters.

Applications follow Lehman undergraduate admission’s schedules.

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