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School of Arts and Humanities

School Arts Humanities


Africana Studies Art English
History Journalism and
Media Studies
and Literatures
Latin American
and Latino Studies
Music, Multimedia,
Theatre and Dance


Lehman College's School of Arts and Humanities mission is to make a signifigant contribution to the larger institutional mission to provide students with an excellent undergraduate and graduate liberal arts education because being broadly educated is a primary attribute of leading a successful life.


The school's vision is for the collective academic departments to offer outstanding quality undergraduate and graduate degree programs, minors, and courses in Africana Studies; Art; Dance and Theatre; English; History; Journalism and Communication; Languages and Literatures; Latin American, Latino, and Puerto Rican Studies; Music; and Philosophy.


We value instilling students with employer valued critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, and collaboration skills within the context of our faculty designed degree programs, minors and courses.

Theatre and Dance Production Videos
Music Performance Videos
Lehman Art Gallery Videos

See why tech-savvy humanities graduates are in high demand in Silicon Valley.

Read the Gallup study about how arts and humanities majors are more likely to report having a professor who makes them excited about learning.

Lehman College Theatre major Lian Kizner is the first winner of a $1,000 grant to support an evening-length dance from the B. Wilson Producing Scholars grant organization, which was created by alumna Brittany Wilson '13.