Templates, Tools, & Tutorials

Technology can be a very powerful tool when it comes to teaching. When used appropriately it can engage students and support learning. Whether your course is on campus or online, feel free to use these resources:


  • Online Course Template and Course Planning Document. Every semester all courses are automatically given a generic Blackboard course template. We invite you to adopt the Online Course Template for your course. The online course template was designed by experienced online faculty to meet the needs of Lehman students. The modular course design provides an attractive and organized learning roadmap that makes it easier for students to navigate the course. The template also includes additional resources such as an Online Student Orientation. By using the Online Course Template, faculty can build out their courses more easily and efficiently, and ensure that their students experience a consistent learning environment. Contact the Office of Online Education for more information and assistance to adopt.


  • Blackboard is a learning management platform that allows you to post course materials, create an opportunity for students to engage with you and with each other, and demonstrate that they have achieved the set learning goals. Available on mobile.
  • Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is a real-time video conferencing tool that enables you to meet virtually, share applications, use a virtual whiteboard to interact, and even create breakout groups. This platform allows one to see six (6) video streams simultaneously, and up to 250 participants on audio. Explore all video and audio conferencing options.
  • VoiceThread is a web-based interactive tool for collaboration and discussion. Instructors can create mini-lectures by recording a video from a webcam, uploading slides or other course materials, and adding narration. Students can engage in meaningful conversations using audio and video comments. Students can also create multimedia presentations or e-portfolios. Available in Blackboard.
  • Turnitin is a web-based application that makes it easy for you to give feedback and voice comments to your students about their writing, it can save time on grading, generates originality reports, and can lead to reducing plagiarism and improving student writing. Available in Blackboard.
  • Office 365 provides OneDrive for Business, and Skype for Business, among other tools. OneDrive for Business, the cloud storage solution, will allow you to update and share files from multiple devices and work collaboratively on a document at the same time. You will also receive 1 (one) TB of free storage.
  • Camtasia allows faculty to create, edit, and share instructional videos. It is more in-depth editing to produce visually enhanced videos. It is also very helpful for combining video and audio for a cohesive project. (Must ask Steve Castellano for access steve.castellano@lehman.cuny.edu).
  • SnagIt is used to create, edit and share screen captures and recordings. Snagit screen captures can be edited and annotated for use in other applications, compiled into standalone video vignettes or added to a Camtasia instructional video. (Must ask Steve Castellano for access steve.castellano@lehman.cuny.edu)
  • LiveScribe Pen allows you to transform your handwritten notes into an amazing learning tool! Record what you say as you write, draw or sketch and share the "pencasts" so your students can review complex material. Faculty may request a LiveScribe pen (subject to availability). Additionally, some of the video conferencing tools include a whiteboard feature worth exploring.

Would you like a more in-depth breakdown and comparison of tools for recording, editing, and conferencing?  Use this Comparison Chart.


  • Complete a Blackboard (Bb) Basics Training Course to build a foundation for using Blackboard to support teaching and learning. This is an asynchronous, self-paced course. On average, it takes about 2-4 hours to complete. Most modules have video tutorials, help guides, and links to web resources. You will receive a certificate upon successful completion. Additionally, you may choose to review Lehman's customized Blackboard Tutorial to get familiar with some of the features available before or after completing the Blackboard (Bb) Basics Training Course.
  • Complete an Online Course Readiness Review. This interactive form enables you to review your course to ensure that essential course design elements are in place to support student learning. The Office of Online Education can provide feedback, and guidance, and further assist you with the online course design. We invite you to complete the Online Course Readiness Review for each online/hybrid course you teach.
  • Get Students Ready for Online Learning. Lehman College Online Student Orientation “Are You Ready?” is a one-hour, asynchronous, self-paced, non-credit online course, designed to help students get oriented with the Blackboard environment, and assist students in developing the necessary technology proficiency. The orientation provides an overview of the core elements of an online course and prepares students for online learning. Students receive a certificate upon successful course completion. You might have students submit this certificate as proof of completion.
  • Weighted Grades is a step-by-step tutorial that helps you grade your students with the respective percentages you give to various columns and categories.
  • Technical Resources for Faculty is a list of educational resources that are available to faculty.