In support of Lehman College’s mission, the Office of Online Education promotes that faculty members make their content accessible to all students. Beyond best educational practices there are several federal and state laws that we must abide by to ensure that academic content can be accessed by all of your students. 

This section provides additional context on specific laws, as well as best teaching practices to help reach as many students as possible. We have also compiled a list of tools with documentation on making your content accessible. Designing course materials and content with accessibility in mind will help ensure that students have equitable access to all educational materials. 

Lehman College and CUNY have several processes that we encourage you to review. It is important to understand your role and responsibilities after that you are informed of your responsibilities prior to a student needing and/or requesting accommodations for your online course.  

Lastly, you will find several resources that provide additional context to making your course and materials accessible

Laws and Standards

Federal and state laws require colleges and universities to meet certain standards in order to make content accessible to all students. This section provides a list of laws and standards that we you should familiarize yourself with, as you start to prepare your online course. 

Guidelines, Tools, and Processes

Review some of the resources available at Lehman College. Be sure to review the processes in place, tools available, and other exciting technologies as you plan for your courses. 


This section contains additional information and resources from CUNY and/or other institutions. Please feel free to review these materials and further enhance your understanding of online accessibility.