LiveScribe Pen

Transform your handwritten notes into an amazing learning tool! Record what you say as you write and share the "pencasts" so your students can review complex material. Transfer your notes and audio to the computer and share with your students in Blackboard. It is particularly helpful for STEM subjects. Additionally, if you have a class that requires faculty to draw or sketch, note that some of the video conferencing tools include a whiteboard feature worth exploring.

What is a LiveScribe Pen >>

Why use a LiveScribe Pen?

Saves you time:

  • Record a PDF Pencast to respond to frequently asked questions
  • Demonstrate a process or problem solving technique and record it while you write
  • Use a LiveScribe Pen on the document camera when you teach, and share the notes with the class by uploading "pencasts" to Blackboard

Improves student learning:

  •  Students can watch the explanation and replay complex parts of the problem
  • Students can jump to the part of the demonstration/problem that is difficult to understand

Key features:

  • Share a PDF Pencast as easily as sending an email
  • Infrared camera tracks everything that is written, drawn, or tapped on the LivesScribe paper
  • Microphone with noise cancellation for recording and speaker for playback
  • USB cable to charge the pen and transfer notes and audio to your computer
  • Controls at the bottom of each page to manage features

Try it now

We recommend the LiveScribe Echo Smartpen. Please complete this form to request a LiveScribe pen.