Generative AI 

What is Generative AI? 

Generative AI uses machine learning models to produce new information in the form of; text, image, video, etc. The information produced is derived from a large data set.

The data sets are trained to produce new content based on prompts, questions, or statements. This new content is produced, by scanning these large data sets and predicting what is typically the next; word, statement, or phrase (in the case of text-based content). As a result new “predictive” content is generated.

Webinars & Literature Review

We facilitate and sponsor multiple webinars during the academic year both faculty and student centered on Generative AI in teaching and learning, a current listing is below along with a continuously updated literature review. 

Academic Integrity & Generative AI Detection Software 

The Office of Online Education does not feel it is appropriate to use such tools as the sole means of identifying unoriginal work. We encourage you to review Lehman’s Academic Integrity policies, as well as the Academic Integrity FAQ’s, that addresses some of these concerns.

Additional Resources

Academic Integrity

Stop Focusing on Plagiarism, Even Though ChatGPT is Here

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Assignments and Activities

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Syllabi Statement Examples

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Higher Education and Scholarship

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