Online Learning Student Peer Mentoring Program

The Online Learning Student Peer Mentoring Program (OLSPMP) was established to support and enrich the overall learning experience for students enrolled in online courses and programs at Lehman College. Through EAB-Navigate, a student success management system, online learners can meet with an experienced student-peer or professional of the Office of Online Education who can provide guidance to them at any stage of their online learning experience.

Services and Learning Materials

Our services are virtual and include:

  • Orientation to Online Learning - Introduction and toolkit for the basics of online learning at Lehman.
  • Tips for Success - Tailored strategies to support habits for student success.
  • Assistance with Educational Technology - 1:1 virtual support with educational technologies such as Microsoft Office applications, TurnItIn, Zoom, and more.

Download our Online Learning Student Peer Mentoring Handbook

Mentor Responsibilities 

In addition to our services, mentors can provide learning opportunities such as webinars, workshops, and campaigns and issue learning materials such as our Student Handbook (linked below). Mentors may also advise and collaborate with campus stakeholders to support the wider online and hybrid learning community at Lehman College.

Mentee Responsibilities 

Our mentorship program is advisory at this time. Students may request appointments as needed via the Lehman College instance for EAB-Navigate. There are three appointment options and students should select one based on needs and availability:

  • One-to-One - meet with a peer mentor.
  • Group - meet with a peer mentor in a group capacity.
  • Campaigns - mentors meet with a large audience of mentees.

Alumni, Peer Mentors

OLSPMP is fortunate to receive generous funds to support our student peer mentors. Our program alumni include students and staff of Lehman College and the broader CUNY system. Their educational and professional backgrounds are rooted in the humanities, social sciences, and the galleries, libraries, archives and museums (GLAM) field among others.

Asma (ahhs-ma) A. Neblett is a specialist, writer, digital humanist, and Program Lead for the Online Learning Student Peer Mentoring Program. She guides, develops, and facilitates programming, educational events, and collaborates with campus and CUNY stakeholders to cultivate the online learning community at Lehman College.

Asma was a fellow of The Center for The Humanities and is an alumna of the Digital Humanities Master of Arts program at The Graduate Center. Her interest include text and technology with a specific focus on methods such as text analysis, sound studies, feminist philosophy, and digital pedagogy. She offers discussions, consultations, instructional information, and content on her topics in areas of the humanities such as Women and Gender Studies and in publications such as Urban Omnibus and Punk Spirituality. She is a steering editor and member of the Editorial Collective for CUNY's Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy. 

Fun fact: She makes weekly music playlists and customizes keyboards.

Giancarlos Luna (he/him) is a Lehman College student educational technologist and peer for the Online Learning Student Peer Mentoring Program. He studies Psychology and is an enthusiast of online education and providing support to Lehman's students. He previously supported Lehman's Registrar's Office as a college assistant, fully managing the office's media reachability to the students. His experiences and time here at Lehman will make him a great reliable source for students.

Fun fact: He loves video games, music playlists, and cars.

Anthony Wheeler (he/him) is a former Learning Experience Designer and founding lead of the Online Learning Student Peer Mentoring Program. He is a fellow CUNY student working on his Ph.D. in Urban Education + Digital Humanities at the CUNY Graduate Center. Anthony now works at CUNY Central as a Computing Integrated Teacher Education (CITE) Research Associate with the CITE Initiative. His research includes a focus on how digital humanities/digital pedagogical practices can be incorporated into common teacher education curricula as a way to prepare future educators for teaching students about digital technology’s composition, uses, and roles in our lives.

Fun fact: He loves video games and often uses them in his teaching!

Theodore (Teddy) Manning served as an Instructional Technologist and Peer Mentor in the Office of Online Education. They are a graduate student in the Digital Humanities Master's Program at the Graduate Center, CUNY. They hold a BA in Linguistics with a minor in Deaf Studies from Boston University and have experience in both Information Technology and second language teaching. Their research is in Computational and Corpus Linguistics. Teddy specializes in Linguistics, Information Technology, Digital Humanities, and language pedagogy.

Fun fact: Teddy is an avid listener of horror audio dramas, and can't stop playing Minecraft. 

Contact Your Mentor Using Lehman Navigate

Lehman's instance of Navigate is a success management system that can be used to communicate to key college personnel such as advisors, review academic data, and schedule appointments among other options. Use your CUNYfirst username and password to log in online via desktop or mobile application. 

Schedule a Mentoring Appointment in Three Easy Steps

  1. Sign in to Lehman Navigate using your CUNYfirst login, or access Lehman Navigate via the Apple App Store, Google Play, or the Lehman College mobile app
  2. Go to “Schedule an Appointment.” (In the mobile app version, click “Appointments” and then “Schedule an Appointment.” In the web browser version, just click “Schedule an Appointment.”) 
  3. Select your appointment type. Then choose from available days/times and schedule your appointment.

Contact Us

To learn more about the program or to express interest in becoming a partner for the Online Student Peer Mentoring Program, contact us via email: