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Lehman College


Information Technology Resources

The IT offices are located in the middle section of Carman Hall, where you will also find eight computer classrooms, an IT Center for students, and a faculty lab. We maintain a help desk at the IT Center in Carman as well as satellite help desk in the Library.

The Information Technology Division works in partnership across the college to create more fluid, streamlined services for our students, faculty and staff. I’ve been here for five years and I hope you find, as I do, that Lehman is a wonderful place to work. Lehman has a great story to tell. Our students are educated, empowered and engaged and they are supported by wonderful faculty and a dedicated staff.

As you go through the on-boarding process, please download the Lehman Mobile Central app in your favorite app store. The mobile app has phone numbers, maps, news, events and other useful information to help you navigate through your initial days on our beautiful campus.

As you prepare to teach your first course, our goal is to assist you with resources that extend your teaching presence through technology. To begin though, you’ll need to set-up two important accounts - a Lehman account and a CUNY account. Your Lehman account is used for campus resources such as email, wireless connectivity, and local tools such as Lehman Connect (our campus Intranet), Digital Measures, (used for teaching, scholarship and service), and Lehman One Access, which is a secure way for students and faculty to store passwords. Please use your Lehman email and not your personal email for communication with others in our community.

You will also need to establish your CUNY account as early as possible. Your CUNY account is used for Blackboard, our learning management system, and CUNYfirst, our student information, human resources and financial system. Feel free to contact our help desk or me personally if you have any issues with access to any of these systems.

You’ll find that the Lehman IT website has useful information to keep you connected. You’ll find a variety of digital tool kits, the schedule of professional development workshops, links to no-cost software, information about IT security, and guides to the instructional resources at Lehman, including our wonderful Multimedia Center. We are also introducing a new tool for lecture capture, with automated captioning and video analytics.

There’s a lot more about IT that I look forward to sharing in the future. We have a strategic road map to support improved student outcomes, we plan to upgrade classroom technologies, enable a greater number of personalized services and enhance the information available to students and faculty. I look forward to meeting you in person, and again, welcome to Lehman. See  Getting Started for more information about IT.

Email Accounts

This CUNY-hosted email platform provides a contemporary, robust communication and collaboration suite. Everything you need online - email, shared calendars, synching with mobile devices and more - now works better. If you have any questions or need support, please contact the Lehman Help Desk at or at 718.960.1111. Your Chair or Department Representative should advise when your Email account has been created and is ready for you to claim.

Lehman’s Email Sequence: first name / period / last name Example:

CUNY Portal ID / Citizen CUNY

CUNY Portal / Citizen CUNY is your one-stop access point to everything CUNY offers you as a member of the University community.  All faculty members are encouraged to establish a CUNY Portal ID as soon as possible. It is necessary to create a portal ID to have access to Blackboard, which is the University online portal. View your private and secure CUNY information, such as application status and financial aid information. Register for courses and access Blackboard and Degreeworks. You can also obtain information about CUNY services and benefits, including CUNY eMall, and connect with volunteer opportunities. Citizen CUNY is a service to you, provides information on services available to you, and offers opportunities for you to continue CUNY’s long tradition of serving the community.


Blackboard is used throughout the College to support student learning whether courses are completely online, blended or in a traditional classroom setting. If you are not familiar with Blackboard as an online teaching platform please refer to the Faculty user guide link below.


CUNYfirst stands for "Fully Integrated Resources and Services Tool." CUNYfirst supports our Student Administration, Finance and Human Resources systems. Featuring an interconnected University-wide system that effectively ties into and manages students' education and records; faculty/staff employment and benefits information; and all College business operations.

For CUNYfirst assistance contact Lehman CUNYfirst Team - Information Technology Help Desk at 718-960-1111. For assistance by email, send email to For in-person assistance see the Help Desk at Carman room 108.

Information Technology (IT)