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National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity (NCFDD)

The COACHE survey revealed that Lehman faculty – especially associate professors – want and need access to professional development resources. While Lehman is making increasing efforts to help new and junior faculty develop and thrive at Lehman, associate-level professors have had fewer opportunities for mentorship, community-building, and help in developing practices that will propel them to full professorships. In response, Lehman College became an institutional member of the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity (NCFDD), an independent professional development center dedicated to helping faculty make successful transitions throughout their careers. This membership enables Lehman faculty, staff, postdoctoral scholars, and graduate students from across the disciplines to participate in comprehensive professional development activities that are entirely free of charge. As a NCFDD member, Lehman joins the ranks of over 450 institutions nationwide--leading research institutions such as Northwestern, Cornell, Stanford, Princeton, and NYU, as well as small elite private colleges like Amherst, Bard, Williams, and Oberlin. Hunter College is the only other CUNY institution taking advantage of NCFDD’s offerings.

These programs and services are designed to help faculty boost writing productivity; establish and maintain work-life balance; create broad networks of scholarship, research, and support; and nurture a stronger commitment towards their institution. Many of NCFDD’s programs are geared toward the needs of associate professors who have become stuck on the path of promotion to full professorships, as well as early-career faculty on the path to tenure. These resources, however, can work for all academics—from full professors to graduate students, and everyone in between.

NCDFFs offerings include live webinars and an extensive library of trainings that can be personalized to fit each participant’s personal and professional development needs. A “Core Curriculum” focuses on the 10 key skills necessary to develop extraordinary writing and research productivity and a full and healthy life off campus. These foundational skills transcend discipline, rank, race, and gender, and are critical to academic success whether you are a lecturer, assistant professor, or have already achieved tenure. The curriculum targets issues including planning the semester, developing a daily writing practice, cultivating professional networks, time management, overcoming academic perfectionism, and professional relationships.

To activate a Lehman-sponsored Individual Membership in the NCFDD:

If you have technical questions or concerns, contact the NCFDD Institutional Membership,

For information about Lehman’s Institutional membership, please contact Alison Abreu, Faculty Development and Communications Specialist, Office of the Provost. Email: | Phone: 718.960.8019