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Academic Affairs - Academic Personnel

Lehman Acronyms

Academic Schools
Acronym Full Name
A&H School of Arts and Humanities

Lehman College School of Business 

CPS School of Continuing and Professional Studies
HS2N School of Health Sciences, Human Services and Nursing
NSS School of Natural and Social Sciences
SOE School of Education
Academic Departments
Acronym Full Name
AS Africana Studies
CLLSE Counseling, Leadership, Literacy and Special Education
EEGS Early Childhood and Childhood Education
JMS Journalism and Media Services
LALS Latin American and Latino Studies
L&L Languages and Literature
MMTD Music Multimedia, Theatre & Dance
MHSE Middle and High School Education
SLHS Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences
Campus Buildings
Acronym Full Name
CA Carman Hall
CL / IT Computer Lab IT Center
COTC CUNY on the Concourse
DA Davis Hall
DC Day Care Center
FA Fine Art
GI Gilet Hall
LI Leonard Lief Library
MMC Multi-Media Center
MU Music Building
OG Old Gym
PAC Performing Arts Center
SC Science Hall
SH Shuster Hall
SP Speech & Theatre Building
SL Student Life
T3 Temporary Building #3 (Nursing)
Acronym Full Name
FP&B Faculty Personnel and Budget Committee - College level
FRAB Faculty Research Advisory Board
P&B Personnel and Budget Committee - Department level
SRAB Student Research Advisory Board
Acronym Full Name
AP Academic Programs
B&G Building and Grounds
F&A Finance and Administration
IA Institutional Advancement
IRB Internal Review Board
IRP Institutional Research and Planning
ISSP Instructional Support Services Program/Tutoring
IT / ITR Information Technology
OAP Office of Academic Personnel
ORSP Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
PSC Professional Staff Congress
SEEK The Percy Ellis Sutton SEEK Program - Search for
Education, Elevation, and Knowledge
Funding Types
Acronym Full Name
CC Campus Ceremonies
LF Lehman Foundation
OTPS Other Than Personnel Services
RF Research Foundation
Tax Levy Funds raised through NY City and State taxes allocated to CUNY
Acronym Full Name
Bb Blackboard
DM Digital Measures
360 Lehman 360 Student Online Platform
LOMRS Lehman Online Management Reporting System
Administrative Forms and Terms
Acronym Full Name
AL Annual Leave
CCE Certificate of Continuous Employment (lecturer and CLT’s tenure process)
CUNY City University of New York
ePRF Electronic Personnel Request Form
FMLA Family Medical Leave Act
FWL Faculty Workload
LEH Lehman Elective Courses
LC Herbert H. Lehman College
MPRF Multiple Position Reporting Form
PA Personnel Action Form
P Card Purchasing Card / Procurement Card
PSC Professional Staff Congress
SL Sick Leave
SETL Student Evaluation of Teaching and Learning
T card Travel Card
Administrative Personnel
Acronym Full Name
CA College Assistant
CLT College Laboratory Technician
COA College Office Assistant
HEO HEO Higher Education Officer (professional administrative staff)
HEO Ranks aHEO - assist ant to HEO; HEOa - HEO assistant; HEA- HEO associate; HEO - full HEO

Public Safety Officer