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Tenure, CCE and Promotion

  • Guidebook for Tenure/CCE and Promotion

    This Guidebook offers recommendations to assist individual faculty and instructional staff, their chairs, and the committees involved in personnel decisions in preparing someone to be successful in pursuing tenure, a CCE, and/or promotion.

    This Guidebook is a consolidated electronic source that faculty and instructional staff, their chairs, and committees can access to help guide them and navigate the policies and processes at Lehman College in pursuing tenure, CCE, and/or promotion. The purpose is to outline the processes, critical deadlines, and best practices, rather than describing every single aspect of the Tenure, Promotion, and CCE process.

    This handbook is not a comprehensive legal document and does not supersede CUNY and/or Lehman College policy, governance plans, procedures, or bylaws. It is rather a guide crafted with input from School Deans, Academic Department Chairs, the Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs and Student Success, and entities of Lehman College. Questions about an individual’s application for tenure and/or promotion or CCE should be directed to the faculty member’s chair or dean.

    This Guidebook is a work in progress. Your input is encouraged and greatly appreciated. Please use this Feedback Questionnaire Link Guidebook for Tenure/CCE and Promotion to submit comments, questions and or corrections to the Guidebook. In advance, thank you.