ChatGPT Webinars and Resources (Spring 2024)

Please note curated resources about ChatGPT as it might have direct impact on teaching and learning: 


A 3-part webinar series developed by the Office of Online Education for Lehman faculty and students about Generative AI to support teaching and learning. By participating in these webinars, faculty and students can gain a deeper understanding of generative AI interfaces, learn practical strategies for integrating them effectively into courses and explore the transformative impact of AI tools on teaching, learning, and student engagement. Part 1 and Part 2 are open to faculty only and Part 3 is open to students only. 


Part 1: “Generative AI interfaces: Implications for Higher Education: Benefits, Challenges and Appropriate Uses” -- Join our dynamic 75-minute faculty webinar on Generative AI's role in higher education. Explore its benefits for teaching, delve into challenges, and learn how to ethically incorporate AI tools. Discover how Generative AI tools can enrich teaching practices, streamline content creation, and inspire innovative approaches. Elevate your teaching with cutting-edge insights. 


Part 2: “Instructional Cases and Tools to Support Teaching with Generative AI”  -- Join our interactive 75-minute faculty webinar to explore how Generative AI tools can revolutionize your course planning and assignment creation processes. Learn about AI-driven content generation, personalized task structuring, and efficient assessment methods. Discover practical ways to elevate student engagement and optimize your teaching strategies. Don't miss this chance to reimagine course design with the innovation with the use of AI technologies and techniques. Please note that this will be a “hands-on” workshop. We ask that you bring a syllabus and/or assignment instructions. Example assignments will be provided but we encourage you to bring your own assignments! 


Part 3:  (Please share with your students!) “Generative AI: The Benefits and Misuses Students Should Know About" -- Join us for an enlightening 75-minute student webinar to delve into the world of AI-powered content creation and its positive impacts on student academic journey. Learn how Generative AI enhances research, creativity, and learning. We'll also discuss potential misuses of AI and how to be discerning digital citizens. Students will equip themselves with valuable insights into the AI landscape and will walk away empowered to navigate the future of education and technology responsibly.  


Faculty Survey on Generative AI/ ChatGPT for Teaching & Learning

As we embark on this exciting exploration of using Generative AI tools to support teaching and learning, your insights and feedback are of utmost importance to us. We kindly request your participation in a brief Faculty Survey, accessible through the link below. Your responses will provide us with invaluable guidance as we navigate the integration of AI innovations into our academic strategies. 


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