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Office of Pre-Health Advising

Our Services

Individual Advising

At Lehman College, the pre-health advisor is available to help current students including tranfers and post-bacs, prospective students, and alums interested in one of the pre-health professions with all of the following advising questions:

  • Which professional track should I choose? When do I need to make up my mind?
  • What major should I choose?
  • What courses should I take while at Lehman?
  • What courses should I take next semester?
  • The courses I wanted this term are full. What courses should I sign up for now?
  • I did poorly in a course. Should I retake it, audit it, or just move on?
  • I am doing poorly in a course I am in now. Should I withdraw or stick it out?
  • How can I do better in my courses?
  • My grades have not been great. After I graduate, should I take courses as a post-bac? Pursue a master’s degree?
  • How do I go about getting clinical experience (volunteer work, shadowing, etc.)? What kinds of experience should I get? Do I have enough?
  • Do I need research experience? If so, how should I get it?
  • What about other extracurriculars? How should I balance my time?
  • I don't have enough time to do well in my coursework. What should I do?
  • What are my chances of getting in to M.D. school? D.O.? PA? Pharmacy? PT? And so on...
  • What is the most important thing I can do to improve my chances of getting in to professional school?
  • I've given up on getting in to medical school. What are my options now?
  • I've decided I don't want to go to medical school. What should I do now?
  • When should I apply to professional school?
  • When should I take the MCAT/GRE/PCAT/OAT/DAT?
  • What should I do to prepare for the MCAT/GRE/PCAT/OAT/DAT? How long should I spend preparing?
  • What is the process for applying to professional school?
  • How do I start a personal statement?
  • What letters of recommendation should I get?
  • What should I do during my gap year?
  • What professional schools should I apply to?

To schedule an appointment, go to, use your Lehman email user name and password, click "search availability," and choose "Pre-Health Advisement" under the "Center" drop-down menu.

If that doesn't work, or if you don't have a Lehman email, then email the pre-health-advisor and provide three days/times you could meet, along with your EMPLID if you have one.

Committee Letters

Certain professional schools want a "committee letter" from the school you attended. Committee letters are in addition to individual letters of recommendation.

To be eligible for a committee letter at Lehman College, you must:

  • Plan to apply to medical, dental, or optometry school within the next 12 months (the other pre-health professions do not generally ask for committee letters)
  • Have taken at least five of your core pre-health courses at Lehman. For example, a post-bac who has taken General Chemistry 2, Organic Chemistry 1, Organic Chemistry 2, Biochemistry, and General Physics 2 is eligible. Evaluation of what courses count toward this requirement is at the discretion of the pre-health advisor, with the right to appeal to the full pre-health evaluation committee.
  • Notify the pre-health advisor by November 30 of the year prior to that in which you plan to apply.

Committee letters are written by the Pre-Health Evaluation Committee (PHEC), which consists of 10 faculty members drawn from a variety of disciplines, as well as the pre-health advisor. The PHEC uses the following process to write your letter:

  • After receiving the list of students requesting committee letters if the fall, each student is assigned to a member of the PHEC who will take the lead role in drafting their committee letter. The student is intentionally assigned to a PHEC member who has not had the student in a course before.
  • Early in the spring semester, the student provides the PHEC with their c.v. or resume, copies of non-CUNY transcripts, answers to a supplementary questionnaire provided by the PHEC, and 3 to 5 letters of recommendation sent directly to the PHEC.
  • The PHEC solicits comments from every member of the Lehman science faculty from whom the student has taken a course. These are not full letters of recommendations, but more like "is there anything we should know, positive or negative, about this student."
  • The PHEC member assigned to the student meets with them for half an hour, to help the PHEC member fill in any gaps in their understanding of the student's background, application, and plans.
  • The PHEC member assigned to the student writes an initial 2-3 page draft of the committee letter, drawing from all the material the student has provided and the information the PHEC has gathered. Professional schools prefer committee letters not be shown to the student, in order to encourage a candid assessment.
  • The pre-health advisor edits and clarifies the draft letter.
  • The draft letter is circulated to the whole PHEC for changes, edits, and final approval.
  • The pre-health advisor sends the final version of the committee letter, along with the individual letters of recommendation, to the professional school applications service (AMCAS, AACOMAS, AADSAS, or OptomCAS).

This is a thorough process, meant to allow us to make the best possible argument in favor of the student, while still being consistent with their record, skills, and goals.

Personal Statements

The pre-health advisor is available to help students craft and revise personal statements for application to professional schools, summer programs, etc.. We prefer working with early drafts of the staements, as the pre-health advisor will often recommend cutting back some aspects, adding others, and/or changing the order of the narrative.

To have the pre-health advisor look at your personal statement, just email him a draft. Depending on the essay, the pre-health advisor may suggest minor edits, provide general guidance, or invite you in for an appointment to discuss more substantial revisions. In some cases, the pre-health advisor will work with a student through multiple rounds of revision.

Mock Interviews

If you have an interview for a professional school coming up, the pre-health advisor can conduct a mock interview with you, tailored to the particular school at which you're under consideration. 

Pre-Health Advisor Letters of Recommendation

We are happy to provide letters of recommendations for programs (such as some summer programs) which require a letter from a pre-health advisor. A letter from the pre-health advisor should not be used, however, when a program requests a letter from a faculty member.

Group Advising

The pre-health advisor also provides group advising sessions, particularly for courses closely linked to students planning on careers in one or more of the health professions.

Outside Speakers and Special Events

The office of Pre-Health Advising arranges visits to Lehman by representatives from professional schools, Lehman alums who are currently in the health professions, test prep companies, and more. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to hear about upcoming events!