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The Division of Student Affairs at Lehman College

Mission & Vision


The Lehman College Student Affairs Division is dedicated to providing quality services and programs that support the College’s mission. The Division fosters students’ academic success, personal growth, career development, retention and persistence to graduation.

Vision Statement

The Student Affairs Division will be a leader in CUNY and among other urban, commuter colleges and universities in identifying and addressing the needs of a diverse student body.

Operational Philosophy

  • Division initiatives and planning priorities are inextricably linked to the College’s mission and objectives.
  • Programs and initiatives are designed and implemented to promote students’ self-knowledge, responsible citizenship, critical thinking, leadership and interpersonal skills.
  • Students’ needs are assessed on an ongoing basis to improve services and programs.
  • Consistent emphasis is placed on improving services to students through more effective systems and the simplification of administrative processes.
  • Student involvement in appropriate divisional and institutional decision making bodies is encouraged and supported.
  • Collaboration with faculty and staff from other Divisions is critical to the development and implementation of effective programs and services for students.
  • Use of appropriate administrative and instructional technology is promoted throughout the Student Affairs Division.
  • The Division recruits and hires professional and support staff who are committed to serving an urban student population.
  • Student Affairs staff teach and model respect for shared community values.
  • Professional development activities for staff are encouraged and supported.
  • Divisional staffs’ work with students is conducted in an atmosphere characterized by respect, sensitivity and compassion.
  • The Student Affairs Division collaborates with faculty, staff and students to promote a civil campus climate that fosters an understanding of, and respect for, diverse groups.
  • Based on NASPA/ACPA principles of good practice.