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The Division of Student Affairs at Lehman College

Community Standards

Lehman College’s Community Standards are grounded in the belief that the university is a sanctuary for teaching, learning, and the pursuit of knowledge. These standards are best nourished in an atmosphere of mutual respect, civility, and trust among teachers, staff, administrators, and students

The policies linked below comprise of and help to enforce our Community Standards. Please complete the form(s) linked below to launch an inquiry into any potential violation of our Community Standards. 

  • Please use the Academic Integrity Policy Violation report form to report all incidents of Academic Dishonesty involving students. Definitions and Examples of Academic Dishonesty include: 1) Cheating, 2) Plagiarism, 3) Internet plagiarism, 4) Obtaining Unfair Advantage, and 5) Falsification of Records and Official Documents.
    • More information about the CUNY Academic Integrity Policy is available here
    • Faculty teaching online, and in-person classes are encouraged to read the following FAQ for ways to uphold academic integrity. Click here.
  • Please use the Behavioral Intervention Request Form if you are requesting a cross-departmental (counseling, public safety, advising, etc.) and team-based Intervention approach to a student that appears to be in distress.
    • More information about the Behavioral Intervention Team is available here.
  • Please use the Code of Conduct Policy Violation report form to report all potential incidents of the Student Code of Conduct Policy Violation Policy violations.
    • More information on Code of Conduct Policy violations (Henderson Rules) is available here.
    • More information on the CUNY Code of Conduct is available here.

  • Please use the General Community Concern Report Form in the rare instance where you encounter a scenario where the behavior exhibited by a student does not rise to any of the above defined scenarios. Examples of general community concern might be bystander reporting (e.g. offensive or discriminatory language being used by unidentifiable student members of the Lehman community; loud or large gatherings in quiet spaces on campus).

  • Please use the Title IX (Title IX Sexual Harassment) Policy Violation report form to report all incidents of Title IX Policy violation involving students. Important: all Title IX Policy violations involving employees only must be reported to Human Resources.
    • More information about the CUNY Title IX policy is available here.

  • Please use the CUNY University-Wide Discrimination and Retaliation Reporting form to report all incidents of discrimination and/or retaliation. This publicly available form allows for the submission of a report of discrimination and/or retaliation, as prohibited by and defined in CUNY's Policy on Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination ("EO Policy").
    • More information on CUNY's Policy on Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination is available here.