Enhancing Your (Online or Hybrid) Course Through The Open Educational Resources (OER) Workshop

Description: Are you looking to refresh and renew your course? Want to engage students with course materials? Are you looking to replace an expensive textbook that often goes unread by students? Would you like to become more aware of resources available in your discipline for possible reuse by you or your students? Hoping to enhance or remix your course materials with fresh and stimulating text or multimedia content?

We invite you to register for our online workshop, "Enhancing Your (Online or Hybrid) Course with Open Educational Resources (OER)." As this is an online workshop, you don’t need to be to campus.


Workshop Information

  • Workshop Date(s): May 6-17, 2024
  • Workshop Modality: Online Asynchronous

About This Workshop

  1. This asynchronous online workshop will provide a deep dive into Open Educational Resources (OER) and how to find, evaluate, and make a plan to integrate OER in your course.
  2. Workshop is appropriate both for those new to the subject as well as those who have already worked with OER.
  3. Faculty who successfully complete the workshop are eligible for compensation at the flat rate of $550 (calculated at $55 an hour for 10 hours total).
  4. Please note that faculty teaching online and hybrid, multi-section and high-enrollment courses will be given priority.
  5. The workshop is open to full-time and part-time faculty. Part-time faculty need to have an active appointment in order to participate.

Note: Faculty who have taken this workshop in the past are not eligible to take it again. If you are not sure if you have participated or have other questions, please contact online.education@lehman.cuny.edu.