Essentials for Online Teaching: Planning Your Course Workshop

A 75-minute real-time workshop for Lehman faculty teaching or preparing to teach online/remotely, whether mainly in asynchronous or synchronous modes. How can faculty more effectively teach their classes remotely, drawing on established best practices for online teaching and learning? What technology and organizational tools can help faculty more efficiently and thoroughly plan, organize, and implement instruction? How can faculty ensure a richer online learning experience for their students?

This hands-on, interactive real-time online workshop led by the Office of Online Education, will introduce faculty who are teaching or planning on teaching online/remotely to a more purposeful and intentional instructional plan. Get your course syllabus and download the Online Course Planning Document (Version 1 or Version 2) to have handy during the workshop.

Note: This workshop is not intended as a replacement for the more comprehensive 2-week workshop: Preparation for Teaching Online: A Foundational"

For questions, please contact the Office of Online Education.