Faculty Mentor for Summer 2020

Eleven faculty members will serve as Faculty Mentors until August 31, 2020.

Human Services, Health Sciences and Nursing

  • Alison Behrman, Speech-Language Hearing Sciences
  • Natasha Nurse-Clarke, Nursing

Natural and Social Sciences

  • Richard Lahijani, Economics and Business
  • Naomi Spence, Sociology

Education (selected faculty will split their time equally)

  • Sherry Deckman, Middle & High School Education
  • Jennifer Van Allen, Counseling, Leadership, Literacy & Special Education
  • Julia Hood, Counseling, Leadership, Literacy & Special Education

Art and Humanities

  • Susan Quarrell, Languages & Literatures
  • Crystal Curry, English

LEH 300 Courses

  • Kenneth Weisshaar, Philosophy
  • Elizabeth Hollander, English

Each faculty mentor is compensated for 25 total hours through the end of the appointment (August 31, 2020).