First time using Blackboard?

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In the first few minutes of a f2f classroom, you might take a few minutes to remind students of upcoming events. In Blackboard Learn, you can post messages to accomplish this same task. In your f2f classroom, you ask questions to check your students' understanding of the material. In Blackboard Learn, you can ask questions in discussions, hold a Collaborate session, or ask them to take a ungraded quiz. Expectations must be clear for learners. Make dues dates, grading guidelines, and instructions easy to find. Show students you care. Students want meaningful, personal exchanges. More about Blackboard

Self-Reflection: What do you want to use Blackboard for in your course?

Now it's your turn to decide what you be will using Blackboard for in your course. Let's start with the following steps:

1. Think of the things that you find yourself repeating in your course in the first 2-3 classes. Can you put that in writing and refer students to Blackboard

2. Do you share links to resources with your students over the period of the course? Can you put those in an organized manner and post them in Blackboard

3. Do you want your students to come prepared to your class? Can you think of ways to communicate that to your students using Blackboard?

4. Do you want your students to have an opportunity to discuss course materials with you and peer students in between class sessions?

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