Instructors, take a quick tour of your Blackboard Learn course environment. Find out how to access your course controls, add and edit the course menu, and edit the default Home Page. Review this Introduction to Blackboard Learn with the Original Experience for Instructors video. After watching the video, open another tab or window, replay the video following the navigation steps in the video and practice in your course.

In your Course, you can easily navigate, provide content, edit items, and change options that affect how users interact with the interface. Please note this is a sample image from a template, your course might look different.

Sample image of your course in the edit mode

A. Course menu: Users' access point for all course content. You control which links appear on the course menu.

B. Control Panel: The area after the course menu is your access point for course management functions, such as course style, course tools, and users. Students don't see the Control Panel.

C. Student preview: You can review course content and validate course behaviors from a student's perspective. You're logged in with a student account—the preview user account—and enrolled in the current course.

D. Edit Mode: When Edit Mode is ON, all the instructor functions appear, such as Build Content or the appearance of menus. When Edit Mode is OFF, all instructor functions are hidden. The Edit Mode function appears to users with a role of instructor, teaching assistant, course builder, and administrator.

E. Functions: In one or more rows above the content, access page-level functions such as Build Content, Search, Delete, and Upload. The functions change based on where you are in your course.

F. Menus: An Options Menu icon appears for components with menus, such as content items, course menu links, or Grade Center columns. The options in the menu vary based on the component.

The course menu appears on the left side of your course window and is the cornerstone for the organization and navigation of your course. You create links on the course menu to present tools and materials to users. You can customize its appearance and order the links. Please note this is a sample image from a template, your course might look different.

You can organize and rename the course menu links

Sample image of how to reorder and manage course menu

A. Use the drag-and-drop function to reorder course menu links.
B. Or, use the keyboard accessible reordering tool to reorder the links.
C. Access a link's menu and select Rename to change its title. Select Hide Link to make it unavailable to students. Select Show Link to make it available to students. If you Delete a content area, all content items within it are also permanently deleted. This action is final.
D. When Edit Mode is ON, an unavailable link title appears with This link is hidden from students icon. Students don't see the link on the course menu.

Every course offered at Lehman College automatically gets a Blackboard Course shell. With feedback from Lehman faculty, the Blackboard Course Shell template has been redesigned to include useful links and resources. The updated course template makes it easier for students to navigate course content, the weekly modules offer a learning roadmap for your students. See the preview image below and view how to self-enroll the Lehman ONLINE Course Template Enrollement in the online course template.

Sample image of the Lehman Blackboard Template



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