Use assignments to assess students in a variety of ways beyond traditional objective tests. Do not ask students to email their assignments, you can use Blackboard to manage their work, provide quick feedback and grading.
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How to Use SafeAssign in Assignments

SafeAssign is now integrated into regular Assignments. With this integration, almost all assignment features are available with SafeAssign services, including allowing multiple attempts, anonymous grading, delegated grading, and the ability to assign to groups. Watch Use SafeAssign in the Original Course View to learn more.

After watching the video, open another tab or window, replay the video and follow the instructions to create an Assignment/SafeAssign in your course. Make sure you add a DUE DATE (deadline) in the next week or so.

You can use tests and surveys to measure student knowledge, gauge progress, and gather information from students. You assign points to test questions for grading evaluation, but survey questions aren't scored.

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How to Create a Test

Watch Create a Test in the Original Course View to learn how to create a test, add questions to a test, and make your test available to students. Find out how to search and reuse questions from other tests in your course.

After watching the video, open another tab or window, replay the video and follow the instructions to create a 5-question Test in your course. For example, you may create a syllabus test asking questions pertaining to the important information in your course syllabus.

Help your students stay on track by using Blackboard Course Calendar. You can use the course calendar to provide students with due dates for upcoming assignments. Course items with due dates automatically appear in the course calendar. Only instructors may create course calendar events.

Note: Non-graded items with due dates, such as tasks, do not appear in the calendar automatically. You'll have to add these events directly to the course calendar to ensure students see them.

More information about the Course Calendar

Using the Blackboard Calendar

This tutorial, Use the Calendar in Blackboard Learn with the Original Experience explains the features students and instructors use in the Blackboard Learn 9.1 calendar.

After watching the video, open another tab or window and navigate to your course. To create a course calendar click on the menu "+" sign in the top left corner, go to Tool Link, and choose Calendar under Type, name it Course Calendar. Note: if you created an assignment (link to assignments section) and added a DUE DATE, you should be able to see it on the calendar. 

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