Online Health Education Advanced Certificate Program

  • 100% Online – no attendance required on campus
  • Fieldwork completed in your home school
  • NYSED registered program that leads to Health Education Certification
  • Affordable Tuition
  • Earn your degree in as little as 12-24 months
  • No GRE required
  • Choose from courses offered in winter, spring, summer and fall
  • Courses taught by dedicated, caring faculty who are experts in community health education

The 18-credit program is designed for students who wish to get an additional certification from NYSED in Health Education. 

Required Health Content Courses (6 credits):

  • HEA 507: Human Sexuality - 3 credits
  • HEA 671: Teaching Strategies for Health; Psychosocial Wellness - 3 credits

Internship Fieldwork (3 credits):

  • HEA 708: Curriculum, Materials, and Assessment and Field Work in Health Education

Elective Health Content Courses (9 credits):

Choose from any of the following:

  • HEA 502: Women and Health - 3 credits
  • HEA 509: Drugs and Substance Abuse - 3 credits
  • HEA 510: Health and Aging - 3 credits
  • HEA 511: Perspectives on HIV/AIDS - 3 credits
  • HEA 626: Mental Health and the Classroom Teacher - 3 credits
  • HEA 627: Health Issues and Problems in Contemporary Society - 3 credits
  • HEA 636: Perspectives on Death and Dying - 3 credits
  • HEA 640: Nutrition and Chronic Disease - 3 credits
  • HEA 680: Special Topics in Health - 3 credits
  • The online Advanced Certificate in Health Education provides students with the opportunity to complete the required coursework to teach health education in the classroom. 
  • Students completing the program are qualified to apply for their NYSED Health Education Certification.
  • Graduates find work as health teachers in private and public schools.
  • Possess a master's degree in a related field. 
  • Demonstrate the ability to successfully pursue graduate study by having a master's Grade Point Average of 3.0 or better.   
  • Submit two (2) letters of recommendation and a 500-word essay on career goals.   
  • Submit NYS initial or professional certification in any subject area.   
  • Meet additional Departmental, divisional, and New York State requirements, if any.
  • 15 credits health content credits required, to be approved by the Program Director to meet the NYSED 30 credit minimum health education content requirement

For more information, contact:

Photo of Dr. Lisa Fusco- M.S.Ed. & Advanced Certificate Program Director

Dr. Lisa Fusco

M.S.Ed & Advanced Certificate Program Director
Phone: 718-960-8085

  • Applications for the Fall are due by April 15
  • Applications for the Spring are due by October 18

New York State prides itself in the high quality of its licensed and certified professionals.  For the protection of its citizens, each license and certificate has requirements that individuals must meet in order to be licensed or certified in New York State.  CUNY’s academic programs leading to licensure or certification are carefully designed to meet and exceed these State requirements. This is a role CUNY plays in protecting the public.  Other states frequently have their own requirements, so if your goal is to practice in another state, this disclosure will help you check to see what that state requires.

Per U.S. Federal Regulations, §668.43 (2019 Rule), and in compliance with the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (SARA) Manual version 19.2, CUNY Lehman College provides the following disclosure related to the educational requirements for professional licensure and certification.

This Disclosure is strictly limited to the CUNY Lehman College determination of whether its Online Health Education Advanced Certificate Program that if successfully completed, would be sufficient to meet the educational licensure or certification requirements in a State for Teaching.  CUNY Lehman College cannot provide verification of an individual’s ability to meet licensure or certification requirements unrelated to its educational programming.  Such individual determinations are made by state licensing boards, and are fact-specific determinations.

This disclosure does not provide any guarantee that any particular state licensure or certification entity will approve or deny your application. Furthermore, this disclosure does not account for changes in state law or regulation that may affect your application for licensure and occur after this disclosure has been made. Enrolled students and prospective students are strongly encouraged to contact their State’s licensure entity using the links provided to review all licensure and certification requirements imposed by their state(s) of choice.

CUNY Lehman College has designed educational programs curricula in Online Health Education Advanced Certificate Program that if successfully completed is sufficient to meet the licensure and certification requirements for an initial teaching certification license in the following states:


NYS Education Department – Teacher Certification

New York


CUNY Lehman College programs  and currently has made no determination that the curricula is insufficient to meet the licensure and certification requirements for initial teaching certification in any of the 50 states and territories.

After making all reasonable efforts, CUNY Lehman College  cannot determine  whether its educational programs curricula for the Online Health Education Advanced Certificate Program that if successfully completed, is sufficient to meet the licensure and certification requirements for an Health Education certification in the following states:

List of states (pdf)