Online Certificate in Nursing Home Administration

This certificate provides the required courses for individuals planning to pursue New York State licensure in nursing home administration. The certificate consists of the five three-credit courses required to prepare students to sit for the New York State licensure exam. Students apply for the Administrator-in-Training internship directly with the New York Department of Health. These fifteen credits are recognized by the NYS Department of Health in their listing of Accredited Educational institutions. The online offerings ensures that Lehman students will be able to complete 50% or more of the coursework in a fully online modality. This will enable all students, with diverse cultural, linguistic, and economic backgrounds, to meet their potentials and to succeed in health services administration. With specific emphasis on the urban environment, graduates will be able to meet the unique needs of underrepresented students and provide appropriate curricula at all levels of instruction.

  • Online course offerings – more than half of all courses offered either synchronously or asynchronously online
  • Affordable Tuition
  • Completion of the courses required to fulfill the course component of the NY State licensure requirements
  • Courses offered in summer, fall, winter, and spring
  • Courses taught by dedicated, caring faculty experienced in health administration with extensive experience in online education

The 15-27 credit sequence depends on the students’ completion of prerequisite classes.

Completion of the following courses with a grade of C- or better is required:

  • HEA 310: Health and Aging - 3 credits
  • HSA 301: Human Resources Management and Labor Relations in Health Services - 3 credits
  • HSA 304: Financial Aspects of Health Care Administration - 3 credits
  • HSA 325: Nursing Home Administration - 3 credits
  • HSD 308: Legal Issues in Health Care - 3 credits

HSA 304 has the following pre-requisites HSA 267 (3 credits), HSA 312 (3 credits) plus prerequisite of HSD 266, (3 credits), and ACC 171 or ACC 185 (3 credits).

Upon successful completion of the academic certificate requirements, students will be prepared to pursue the next steps for the New York State Nursing Home Administrator Licensure Program. In doing so, Lehman graduates will address the growing need for qualified nursing home administrators to work with our aging population. The courses provide the foundational knowledge and skills for future administrators to manage, staff, and direct nursing homes, hospice centers, long term care centers, and senior care.

For more information, contact the program coordinators:

Professor Tailisha Gonzalez:

Dr. Amy White:

Classes are offered Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer with the culminating internship courses offered sequentially in the Fall and Spring semesters.

Applications follow Lehman undergraduate admission’s schedules.

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