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Division of Enrollment Management at Lehman College

Richard Finger The Division of Enrollment Management is committed to building partnerships and collaborative initiatives that support student success and drive social mobility in the greater New York metropolitan area. The Division’s vision is to work with the members of the Lehman community and external stakeholders to transform the lives and communities of the students we serve.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has had devastating impacts on the region, collaboratively, we have risen to the occasion to redefine the student experience in support of student success.

Our efforts include:

  • Leveraging technology to allow students, their families, and counselors to engage our units in real-time.
  • Optimizing available technologies in admissions, advising, financial aid, and Registrar to create seamless, paperless workflows for students.
  • Creating enhanced transition supports for first-year students via our Onboarding Advisement Office, ACE, Learning Recovery, and SEEK programs.
  • Utilizing just-in-time behavioral nudging supported by real-time actionable data to let students know their next steps in their educational journey.
  • Enhancing tutoring and other academic supports to maximize COVID impacted student success
  • Reimagining the College Now program for high school students to adapt to COVID restrictions.
  • Maximizing the distribution of scholarship dollars to ensure the greatest impact among our neediest students.

The scope of EM Lehman College reflects an integrated enrollment management system that is different from what found at other higher education institutions. We are proud of this model and the ability it provides for us to support our students holistically.


Richard Finger
Vice President, Enrollment Management