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Division of Enrollment Management at Lehman College

Graduate Studies

Our mission is to be the ‘Cornerstone of the Graduate Experience’ at Lehman College constructed by four (4) key dimensions: Knowledge Management, Engagement and Collaboration, Innovations for Excellence, and Sustaining Products of Change. These four dimensions impact the robustness of our capabilities, contributions, and ability to stay ahead in meaningful ways, as detailed below.

Knowledge Management, KM

The Office of Graduate Studies has identified 'knowledge' as a fruitful factor that must be managed. Our KM initiatives and activities facilitate the creation, transfer, and application of knowledge likely to be useful to our stakeholders.   The various frameworks we are employing help us to move the graduate population forward and have applications that can extend back to our undergraduate population. 

Engagement and Collabortion

The Office of Graduate Studies has incrementally expanded our presence, and constantly communicates our mission to all stakeholders on our 35-acre campus.  We continue to build upon our campus relationships to form our network of knowledge and support resources.

Innovating for Excellence

The Office of Graduate Studies delivers outstanding operational pe rformance and support systems to pioneer innovative approaches for student success. Our goal is to become the region's top destination for completing a graduate degree.

Sustaining Products of Change

The Office of Graduate Studies engages in ongoing review of all policies and practices, as we ensure that existing academic policies are understood and consistently enforced across degree programs.

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