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Public Safety and Security Services

Located in Room 109 of the the APEX, the Department of Public Safety is responsible for 24-hour protection of all persons and property on the college grounds. The staff includes a Director of Public Safety, two Assistant Director/Lieutenants, two College Security Specialist, seven Sergeants, one Corporal, twenty-one Campus Patrol Officers, three of which are assigned to the H. S. of American Studies at Lehman College. In addition, there are sixteen full-time Campus Security Assistants, one contract Security Officer assigned to the Art Gallery in the Fine Arts Building, and one full-time CUNY Office Assistant.

Three Public Safety vehicles are used primarily for perimeter patrol and two Segeway-type scooters are utilized for campus and parking area observation. Also included on mobile patrol are seven bicycle officers - two assigned to the 7 x 3 shift, four assigned to the 3 x 11 shift and one assigned to the 11 x 7 shift.

Emergency transportation for injured students or staff is available by contacting the Department of Public Safety at its emergency telephone number 718-960-7777.

Students are advised that they have the option to notify appropriate law enforcement authorities including local police. If requested, Lehman College Public Safety will assist the student in notifying these authorities.

The Department of Public Safety is also responsible for the enforcement of parking and traffic regulations. The parking permit and vehicle registration program is administered by the Campus Activities Office, located in Shuster Hall, Room 078.

The Director of Public Safety, Assistant Director/Lieutenants, and Sergeants are New York City pistol-permit holders and are authorized by the college President to be armed while on campus. Campus Security Assistants and private contract Security Officers are not sworn peace officers and do not have arrest powers.

Campus Peace Officers are trained to handle security and safety matters on campus, including first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and automatic external defibrillators (AED's). These officers are designated as Peace Officers in accordance with Section 2.10 subsection 79 of the New York State Criminal Procedure Law.

All Public Safety personnel carry a two-way radio, flashlight, and are in distinctive uniform. The deployment of sergeants, corporals and patrol officers to Lehman College is part of the University's Security Initiative and will serve to heighten public safety awareness at the College and throughout the University.

The Department of Public Safety works very closely with the New York City Police Department and other law enforcement authorities, including the New York State Police, which assists in investigating incidents of a criminal nature. All criminal actions or other emergencies occurring on campus should be reported to the Office of Public Safety.

Campus Security Awareness Programs

The Department of Public Safety sponsors crime prevention programs, including sex crimes seminars in conjunction with the New York City Police Department. Public Safety personnel are available for on-campus presentations, security assessments, safety tips, and in-classroom discussions about security. In addition, the Department provides escorts to all areas of the campus during off hours or by special requests. The escort service can be arranged by calling Public Safety at 718-960-8228.

Incoming first-year students are issued pamphlets on security procedures and attend a presentation by the director at the Freshman Orientation classes. During this time, the director emphasizes that the vast majority of incidents on college campuses can be avoided if students take basic safety and security precautions and recognize that they can also become victims. Students and employees are advised to walk in groups whenever possible, especially in the evening hours, and to use the most well lit paths. Special security programs target areas such as holiday safety precautions and on-street travel suggestions. Crime bulletins are offered throughout the year.

The College's Public Safety brochure is updated annually and is available to all students and employees. Additional information on campus security is found in the Lehman College Student Guide, the Graduate and Undergraduate Bulletins, and at the Public Safety Office in the APEX, Room 109. These publications are available to each student and staff member.

Security Considerations

As part of its overall responsibilities, the Department of Public Safety conducts continuous review of the campus facilities and grounds to ensure that all lighting and landscaping hazards are reported for correction or eliminated.