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Public Safety Alert

On Tuesday, October 23, 2018, at approximately 2:30PM, a  Lehman College faculty member in Carman Hall discovered a hole in a lower portion of a double-paned window in a 3rd floor office facing west toward the Jerome Park Reservoir. A small metal object, possibly made of copper, was found in the space between the window's two panes of glass. Only the outer pane of glass was penetrated; the inner pane of glass remained intact.

Public Safety was notified and responded to the area to investigate, and it was determined that the metal object may be a bullet. A call was placed to the New York City Police Department (NYPD). Officers from the 52nd Precinct, along with the Detectives and the Evidence Squad, arrived on campus to conduct an investigation. The officers from the Evidence Squad removed the metal object and confirmed that it was, in fact, a bullet. The incident has been turned over to the NYPD 52nd Precinct Detectives Squad and they are looking into this as a case of reckless endangerment pending further investigation. Lehman College Public Safety will continue to work closely with the NYPD. Both the 50th and 52nd Precincts reported that they had not received notification of guns being fired.

At Lehman College, we are responsible for creating and maintaining a safe and secure environment for every member of our community. Each of us can improve our community's welfare by paying attention to our own safety, reporting crime and unsafe conditions, and helping others. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Public Safety Department at 718-960-8228.

There are five important things you can do and abide by to avoid being a victim of theft or a more serious crime:

  1. Lock your office when you step away even for a few minutes. Student-housing residents should lock their room door when they are asleep or out of the room, even for a few minutes.
  2. Don't leave personal property unattended anywhere that has public access, such as offices, libraries, cafeterias, classrooms and the like.
  3. Always be aware of your surroundings, whether on or off campus.
  4. If possible, walk with friends when out at night; when on campus if needed, use the Public Safety Escort Service (718-960-8228).
  5. Report any suspicious activity or persons immediately to the Public Safety Department at x8228/x7777 or 718-960-8228 from a non-campus phone. Do not assume they are harmless; trust your feelings. Dial 911 in an emergency if needed.

In our continuing effort to foster a safe and secure environment for all of our community members, we continue to evaluate and improve our emergency response plan and communication systems. Emergency messages will be sent through a system known as CUNY-Alert and while on campus, through the Mass Notification System. In the event of a crisis, such as an active shooter, building fire, chemical leak, bomb threat, weather-related hazard or other potential violence from individuals, the University's Incident Command Team has the ability to simultaneously notify students, faculty, and employees of an incident through a variety of electronic means and take appropriate actions in response.

We take pride in maintaining a safe and secure campus environment for all. Our goal is to minimize the incidence of crime and injury. Please help us by reporting anything tht may not seem right to you, no matter how trivial you may feel it is.

If you see something, say something.