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Latest Factbook - Fall 2014

The Factbook is a principal source of information about Lehman College. Published annually, the Factbook presents extensive information for each academic year.

Data in the Factbook is displayed in the following major sections:

All of the student information is drawn from the Institutional Research Database (IRDB), which is maintained by CUNY Office of Institutional Research and is the official source of enrollment information for the University.

Download the 2014 Factbook in book format:

Section 1: About the College

  • Lehman College at a Glance [PDF]
  • Lehman College Administration [PDF]
  • Lehman College Accreditation [PDF]
  • Degrees Offered [PDF]

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Section 2: Fall 2014 Semester Overview

  • Fall 2004 Semester Overview [PDF]

Section 3: Overall Student Enrollment

  • Overall Student Enrollment [PDF]
  • Overall FTE Student Enrollment [PDF]
  • Student Demographics
    • Age [PDF]
    • Gender [PDF]
    • Race and Ethnicity [PDF]
    • Residency [PDF]

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Section 4: Undergraduate Students

  • Undegraduate Students Classification [PDF]
  • Undergraduate Students by Gender, Race & Ethnicity [PDF]
  • First-Time Freshmen
    • First-Time Freshmen Enrollment - Regular & SEEK [PDF]
    • First-Time Freshmen Demographics [PDF]
  • Transfer Students
    • Transfer Students by Enrollment and Source [PDF]
    • Transfer Students Demographics [PDF]
  • Undergraduate Declared Majors [PDF]
  • Undergraduate Declared Minors [PDF]
  • Degrees Granted to Undergraduate Students [PDF]

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Section 5: Graduate Students

  • Graduate Students Demographics [PDF]
  • Majors Declared by Graduate Students [PDF]
  • Degrees Granted to Graduate Students [PDF

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Section 6: Students Progress and Performance

  • Average Credits Attempted [PDF]
  • Graduate Point Average in First Term[PDF]
  • Retention, Persistance and Graduation Rates
    • First-Time Full-Time Freshmen [PDF]
    • Regular First-Time Full-Time Freshmen [PDF]
    • SEEK First-Time Full-Time Freshmen [PDF]
    • Transfer Students [PDF]
  • Student FTE by Department, Subject & Level [PDF]
  • Student Credit Hours by School & Class Level [PDF]

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Section 7: Faculty and Staff

  • Employees by Type and Status[PDF]
  • Full-Time Staff by Employment Category [PDF]
  • Faculty by Rank [PDF]
  • Faculty Demographics [PDF]
  • Full-Time Faculty by Department [PDF]

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Section 8: Finances and Facilities

  • Student Financial Aid Awards [PDF]
  • Lehman College Annual Budget [PDF]
  • Research and Sponsored Programs [PDF]
  • Adjunct Budget [PDF]
  • Library Collections [PDF]
  • Space Inventory [PDF]

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Section 9: Sources

  • Data Sources [PDF]
  • Data Dictionary [PDF]
  • Points of Contact [PDF]

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