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Lehman College

Dietetic Internship Program

Information for Prospective Interns

Use this schedule to guide you in applying to the Lehman College Dietetic Internship Program.

Fall Semester Prior to Applying

Start preparing your application package for the Dietetic Internship. Collect transcripts to be sent to DICAS for scanning.


 Submit the completed Dietetic Internship application package to the DICAS portal. Complete the application for the Computer Match on line at D and D Digital Systems. The exact date for submission is posted on the D and D Digital website. Students who wish to transfer graduate credits from another institution must contact Dr. Lalitha Samuel for permission to substitute courses.

Acceptance is competitive and based on consideration of undergraduate Grade Point Average, and recommendations.


 Match results for each applicant are posted on the D and D Digital Systems' Web site. This is the only notification source for applicants. Further instructions are available on the D and D Digital Systems site or from the Dietetic Internship Director, Marina Stopler, MS, RD, IBCLC. Within 24 hours, students must notify the DI Director that they will be joining the Internship Program. Lack of notification will result in loss of placement.


New interns are contacted by the Dietetic Internship Director with information relating to applying to the Graduate Program. It is recommended that interns should apply to the graduate program as a non-degree student. This will enable interns to take DFN 661 in the summer. If interns wish to enter and complete the MS Program in Nutrition, they can apply as a degree student in the fall semester.

June 1 onwards

Supply an active e-mail address to the Dietetic Internship Director, if different from that on the application. Register for fall classes and download the Intern Handbook. Read carefully and prepare to bring to DI Orientation.

Last week of August

 Begin fall didactic class(es), internship rotations (DFN 730) and fall semester seminar (DFN 731).


 Register for spring classes, and DFN 730 and 731 for spring semester.

Last week of January 

Begin spring internship rotations (DFN 730) and spring semester seminar (DFN 731) and didactic class(es).


 Register for summer class, and DFN 730 and 731 for spring semester.

End of May

 Begin summer internship rotations (DFN 730) and summer session seminar (DFN 731) and didactic class(es). Note, although interns register for DFN 730 each semester, internship placements will continue through college vacations.

End of August

Complete Dietetic Internship Program.

Program Costs

As of Fall 2018, graduate tuition fees are $455 per credit for interns who are New York State residents and $830 per credit for out-of-state residents. All graduate interns must pay an activity fee of $54.60-$74.60 and a technology fee of $62.50-$125 per semester. These fees are all subject to change by the Board of Trustees of the City University of New York.

In addition to tuition and administrative fees paid by all graduate interns, interns should be prepared to pay the following:

  • Transportation to and from Practice Sites: $300+ per semester
  • White laboratory coat (s) for Practice Sites: $45+
  • Calculator: $4+
  • Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Student membership (required): $50
  • Individual Intern Professional Liability Insurance (required): $20+
  • Books: $200+
  • Criminal background checks and fingerprinting: about $130
  • Estimated Total for NYS residents: $14,500 +

Go to Financial Aid website for information on availability of financial aid and loan deferments (federal or private) scholarships and/or other monetary support.

Completion of the Internship

In order for interns to be certified to the Commission on Dietetic Registration as having completed the Dietetic Internship Program at Lehman College and to be eligible to take the R.D. examination, they must meet the following criteria:

  • Complete a minimum of 1,200 hours of rotations in 12 months with passing grades from all preceptors.
  • Complete three semesters of DFN 731: Concepts and Methods of Dietetic Practice seminars with grades of B or better.
  • Complete and submit all portfolios.
  • Complete and submit all evaluation forms. Minimum grades of B must be achieved.
  • Pass the Exit Examination (at the end of the Summer semester).
  • Appear for an exit meeting with the Dietetic Internship Director at Lehman College.
  • Provide all relevant information and complete all forms required by the Commission on Dietetic Registration and the Lehman Dietetic Internship program.
  • A Verification Statement signed by the Dietetic Internship Director will be issued to the intern and details of completion will be transmitted to the CDR.


For complete information about our DI Program, including our policies, please refer to our Intern Handbook.

Interns who graduate from the Dietetic Interhship Program receive a Dietetic Internship Verification Statement. Graduates proceed to sit for the CDR credentialing exam ("Registration Examination", "RD Exam"). Exam requirements are set by the Commission on Dietetic Registration. Information about the exam can be found on the CDR website.

After passing the RD Exam, registered dietitians may apply to the New York State Education Department, Office of the Professions, to become a Certified Dietitian/Nutritionist in the State of New York.