Dietetic Internship Program


There is an increasing awareness that the diets people consume contribute to the quality of their life. Studies have shown that people’s susceptibility to chronic disease is influenced by their diet. Dietary-influenced chronic disease is not only observed in affluent communities, but is increasingly seen in those that are economically compromised. Located in the Bronx, Lehman College is uniquely placed to assist in educating interns to become competent entry-level dietitians in order to develop approaches to support the community in moving toward dietary change to optimize health.

The Dietetic Internship program would like to thank everyone who applied to the program this year. We are sorry we could only accept 14 interns.

Program Mission

The mission of the dietetic internship at Lehman College is to provide interns with a comprehensive learning experience through which they can acquire the competencies, knowledge, skills, and hands-on training required of entry-level nutrition care professionals, with an emphasis on medical nutrition therapy.

Lehman College interns are ethnical and culturally diverse and the program welcomes all applicants with the appropriate qualifications.

Last modified: Apr 29, 2014

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