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Art Department at Lehman College

Art Department at Lehman College


The Lehman College Art Department's mission is to offer students from the Bronx and surrounding regions the unique opportunity to study in high-quality art and art history programs in which both traditional studio and digital art practice share common goals and vision.

Fundamental traditional and digital art making skills are taught as a vehicle for the development of creative thinking and innovative problem solving. Historical and analytical skills are emphasized, broadening a student’s cultural literacy while helping prepare them for advanced study.

Through a wide range of degrees and concentrations at both undergraduate and graduate levels, students interested in art education, fine art, and digital media production build a strong foundation to advance their careers while studying in New York City, one of the world’s most important cultural centers.


See an overview of our degree programs here: Studying Art at Lehman College

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BA in Studio Art   MA in Art
BA in Art History   MA in Art Education
BFA in Art   MFA in Studio Art
BS in Computer Graphics & Imaging    






We had to switch to distance-learning, but that has not stopped our students:


Our faculty is constantly hard at work not only teaching, but being professional artists:

Faculty Spotlight

Our students and alumni make us proud:

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