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Administration: Office of Environmental Health & Safety

F03/F04 Certificate of Fitness: Indoor Place of Assembly, Outdoor/Temporary Place of Assembly Safety Personnel

Emergency evacuation can be a component of large indoor- and outdoor gatherings. During an emergency, people attending events – who may be unfamiliar with the campus – rely upon Lehman College personnel to guide them to safety. The F03 Certificate of Fitness also contains the F04 C of F, although the F04 C of F can be obtained separately. Examples of events for which Place of Assembly Safety Personnel C of F holders are required include public events in the Performing Arts Center, Lovinger Theater, and Apex, as well as large (= 200+ attendees) outdoor events (which require a Temporary Place of Assembly permit) such as Commencement.

The New York City Fire Department (FDNY) and the Lehman College Fire Safety Plan specifies that one F03/F04 C of F holder per 100 attendees must be present at outdoor public assembly events. One F03 C of F holder per exit, plus 2-4 F03 C of F holders to guide attendees out of the building in case of emergency, must be present for indoor public assembly events. Events for which C of F coverage is inadequate can be shut down by FDNY!

The Place of Assembly Safety Personnel C of F (F03/F04) replaces the F94 (Fireguard for Places of Public Assembly and Fireguard for Film Studios). FDNY will NOT renew the F94 C of F after 2012. Current F94 Certificates of Fitness will be valid until their expiration date, but F94 C of F holders must be re-certified for F03/F04.

The certification process for Place of Assembly Safety Personnel includes a test conducted at FDNY headquarters (9 MetroTech Center, Brooklyn, NY). Test questions will be based on study materials provided by FDNY.

Place of Assembly Safety Personnel C of F Candidates must also attend a training session on emergency evacuation procedures for their specific building. Training is conducted by Public Safety and EH&S personnel; paperwork required for the C of F will be completed during the training session.

Please contact EH&S by email to schedule training for your group.