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TRiO Pathways to Success

Pathways Members

Full Name

Selamawit “Selam” Asmerom


Addis Abeba, Ethiopia




Psychology. I chose this major because I want to know the rationale behind people’s behavior and what motivates their behavior.

What makes you proud?

I am most proud to be able to express my feelings and thoughts in a form of a poem. Also, I recently successfully interviewed and was offered a fellowship through New York Needs You (NYNY), which is a highly selective program that aims to enable “first-generation college students to realize their college and career ambitions.” It’s sort of what PTS does for its students at Lehman, but on a wider scale.

Why did you join Pathways to Success?

I joined pathway because it motivates me to focus and keep up with my school work. It also allows me to share my ideas with my follow pathway mates.

What advice would you give to your fellow PTS colleague?

The advice I would give to my fellow Pathways colleagues is not to back away when facing challenges because when you overcome those challenges they will prove your potential to do anything else.