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What We Do

The Office of Academic Standards and Evaluations houses undergraduate academic advisement. We also provide advisement to undergraduates planning to apply for graduate and professional schools.

See our hours of operation and contact information

Undergraduate Advisement

Undergraduate advisors assist students in successfully planning their undergraduate academic careers at Lehman. We provide assistance in the following areas:

  • choosing classes to meet general education requirements and reviewing those choices when it's time to perform a graduation check;
  • dispensing information on academic policies that affect grades and eligibility for either probation or graduate school;
  • granting permission to take "excess" credits and/or courses at another college;
  • helping to prepare appeals for (among other issues) late or retroactive withdrawal from classes and appeals for readmission after being dismissed for poor scholarship; and
  • providing referrals to various academic programs and student services.

See our list of hours of operation and contact information.

Preprofessional Advisement

Certain careers require professional school after college graduation. These schools do not necessarily require specific majors, but careful planning is required to make sure that you have taken all the courses required for admission to the school of your choice.

Students interested in medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, pharmacy, law, and engineering should consult the appropriate preprofessional advisor.

Pregraduate Advisement

Pregraduate advisement is for Lehman undergraduates planning to attend graduate school. Students who are planning graduate study should consult a pregraduate advisor for advice on the following:

  • selecting graduate programs in their fields
  • the application process
  • GRE preparation
  • getting letters of recommendation
  • writing the application.

Probation Advisement


Students who have been placed on academic probation as a result of poor academic performance should meet with their Academic Advisor to discuss strategies for improving their academic standing. The Office of Academic Advisement provides assistance and support to probationary students who have been dismissed from the college or are readmitting on probation, and who are not part of special programs.


Students whose dismissal appeals have been granted must schedule an appointment to meet with an advisor in order to sign a probation contract. This contract will outline the terms of probation, including the maximum number of allowable credits per semester, as determined by the Committee on Admission and Standing.


The terms of probation for returning readmitted students will be outlined in the letter provided to students by the Committee. These students are strongly encouraged to meet with an Advisor to review their academic records and remaining requirements.


Students who need assistance with filing an appeal should refer to these guidelines first. For further assistance, please schedule an appointment with your Academic advisor.


To download the appeal form, please click here.

Last modified: Sep 1, 2017

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