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2012 Student Projects

In the pilot program, six students and five faculty mentors are participating. Jubril Lawal and Herminio Torres from Hostos Community College are both working with Professor Moira Saune of the Biological Sciences Department on cancer-related studies. Godwin Boaful from Bronx Community College is working with Professor Stephen Redenti, also of Biological Sciences, on aspects of retinal stem cell migration. Ishmael Sagoe of Bronx Community College is working with Professor Timothy Paget of the Chemistry Department on the biochemical mechanisms that allow the human pathogen Giardia to complete its life cycle, and Peter Ansong and Kameka Deans of Bronx Community College are working with Professors Gustavo Lopez and Thomas Young of the Chemistry Department on various aspects of computational chemistry.

This year was a pilot program which we hope to continue in future years, incorporating the research facilities of the new science building.

STEM Summer  Scholar 2012 - Godwin Boaful

My name is Godwin Boaful, and I am an undergraduate student at Bronx Community College. I started my undergraduate education in the spring of 2011, and the experience has been great. My education started out in Ghana, and I was never sure how it would develop. My mindset was to work hard and build the right networks to give myself the opportunity to make the most of any opportunities that come my way. Read More

STEM Summer  Scholar 2012 - Herminio Torres

My name is Herminio Torres, a first generation New Yorker, and the son of parents who immigrated to the United States, hoping for a better life. I am the first in my family to graduate from college; I was given the honor of being the valedictorian for the 2012 graduating class at Hostos Community College. I believe that I was born to be a scientist, for not only do I possess an insatiable passion for it, but I also believe I have a natural gift for it. I chose to participate in this research program for two reasons: Read More

STEM Summer  Scholar 2012 - Ishmael Sagoe

My name is Ishmael Sagoe. I’m from Ghana, which is located in West Africa. I permanently immigrated to the United States in August 2008. I currently attend Bronx Community College, where I major in chemistry. My long-term goal is to become a medical doctor and specialize in cardiology. Read More

STEM Summer  Scholar 2012 - Jubril Lawal

My name is Jubril Lawal, a recent graduate of Liberal Arts and Science at Hostos Community College. I am the second of seven children and have always been fascinated by science. As a Bronx residence who is aspiring to become a medical doctor in the near future, I think it is essential to be research-minded and not just a doctor who prescribes medication. Read More

STEM Summer  Scholar 2012 - Kameka Deans

My Name is Kameka Deans, and I am from the beautiful island of Jamaica, where I worked as a midwife for five years prior to my move to the United States.

Read More

STEM Summer  Scholar 2012 - Peter Ansong

My name is Peter Ansong. I come from Ghana in the west of Africa. I am a sophomore at Bronx Community College, majoring in chemistry. I have learned a lot this summer from taking part in this program. Read More