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STEM Summer  Scholar 2012 - Godwin Boaful

My name is Godwin Boaful, and I am an undergraduate student at Bronx Community College. I started my undergraduate education in the spring of 2011, and the experience has been great. My education started out in Ghana, and I was never sure how it would develop. My mindset was to work hard and build the right networks to give myself the opportunity to make the most of any opportunities that come my way.

Today I find myself in America, and although this wasn’t part of my plan, the opportunity has been better than anything I could have planned. For example, this summer I was honored with the opportunity of being part of the STEM Scholars Program, a partnership program between the three Bronx CUNY Schools. I was astounded to be part of this program, because I was fully aware that it would give me a priceless experience. Additionally, it was completely in line with my original goal of having a career in medical research. The mentors of the program have all been outstanding, and I have enjoyed this program every step of the way. I will make the most of this experience.

I hope that this pilot program becomes a permanent link so as to provide the same experiences for other STEM students. I want to extend my greatest gratitude to all the organizers of this program and happily commend them on a great job well done.


Last modified: Sep 4, 2012

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