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2012 Student Projects

STEM Summer  Scholar 2012 - Jubril Lawal

My name is Jubril Lawal, a recent graduate of Liberal Arts and Science at Hostos Community College. I am the second of seven children and have always been fascinated by science. As a Bronx residence who is aspiring to become a medical doctor in the near future, I think it is essential to be research-minded and not just a doctor who prescribes medication.

Understanding the science behind medicines is vital for the development of new drugs. My goal as a physician would be to focus more on preventative medicine specifically cancer and cancer research as this is one of the most common causes of mortality in the United States. I am driven in this interest by the fact that I know three people who are dealing with different types of cancer and in my community early detection and treatment of cancer is a major problem.

I chose to participate in the STEM program after being introduced to it by my physics professor who I worked with on my honors physical biology coursework. I think the idea behind it is excellent and it is the first of its kind. I am grateful for the opportunity given to me by the departments of Chemistry and Biology at Lehman College and particularly Dr. Moira Sauane for her unrivaled support during this period.