Ex Officio Members

Ricardo R. Fernández President
Anny Morrobel-Sosa Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
Ronald M. Bergmann Vice President for Information Technology Resources
Vincent W. Clark Vice President for Administration
Mario Dellapina Vice President for Institutional Advancement
José M. Magdaleno Vice President for Student Affairs
Robert Troy Vice President for Enrollment Management and Associate Provost
Deirdre Pettipiece Dean of Arts and Humanities
Harriet R. Fayne Dean of Education
William W. Latimer Dean of Health Sciences, Human Services and Nursing
Gautam Sen Dean of Natural and Social Sciences
Marzie A. Jafari Dean of Adult and Continuing Education
John M. Holloway Dean of Student Affairs

Department Representatives

African and African American Studies Prof. Mark Christian
Anthropology Prof. Stephanie Rupp
Art Prof. Sharon Jordan
Biological Sciences Prof. Maryam Bamshad
Chemistry Prof. Naphtali O'Connor
Counseling, Leadership, Literacy, and Special Education Prof. Rosa Rivera-McCutchen
Early Childhood and Childhood Education Prof. Janet Kremenitzer
Earth, Environmental, Geographic and Geological Sciences Prof. Elia Machado
Economics and Business

Prof. Rossen Petkov

English Prof. Allison Amend
Health Sciences Prof. Lalitha Samuel
History Prof. Robert Valentine
Journalism, Communication, and Theatre Prof. Amy Larimer
Languages and Literatures Prof. Oscar Martín
Latin American, Latino and Puerto Rican Studies Prof. Milagros Ricourt
Library Prof. Kenneth Schlesinger
Mathematics and Computer Science Prof. Joseph Fera
Middle and High School Education TBA
Music Prof. Penny Prince
Nursing Prof. Scott Saccomano
Philosophy Prof. Julie Maybee
Physics and Astronomy Prof. Christopher Gerry
Political Science Prof. Chiseche Mibenge
Psychology TBA
Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences Prof. Peggy Conner
Social Work Prof. Manuel Munoz
Sociology Prof. Elin Waring

Faculty Senators at Large

African and African American Studies

Prof. James Jervis

Prof. Suzanne Yates

Biological Sciences

Prof. Joseph Rachlin

Prof. Haiping Cheng

Chemistry Prof. Manfred Philipp
Early Childhood and Childhood Education Prof. Dene Hurley

Prof. Marie Marianetti

Prof. Duane Tananbaum

Languages and Literatures Prof. Carmen Esteves
Middle and High School Education

Prof. Gillian Bayne

Prof. Daniel Stuckart


Prof. Catherine Alicia Georges

Prof. Alice Akan

Philosophy Prof. Rosalind Carey
Political Science TBA

Prof. Vincent Prohaska

Prof. Kevin Sailor



Prof. Susan Markens

Prof. Shehzad Nadeem

Prof. Naomi Spence

Administrative Representatives

Academic Advisement Ms. Liliana Calvet
Career Services Ms. Nancy Cintrón
Arts and Humanities Mr. William Hill
Student Affairs Mr. Vincent Zucchetto
Urban Male Initiative Mr. Michael Deas

Part-time Faculty Senators at Large

Economics and Business Prof. Angelos Angeli
English Prof. Susan DiRaimo
Early Childhood and Childhood Education Prof. Helene Silverman

Student Senators

  • Astrid Cordero
  • Michael DeJesus
  • Thierno Diallo
  • Ruben Juarez
  • Martin Kowaleff
  • Denisse Medina
  • Alfred Paulino Baez
  • Marcus Perez
  • Joshua Reyes
  • Daniel Rodriguez
  • Virginia Rodriguez
  • Ediberto Saldana
  • Mecaila Tolone
  • Lilian Yang
  • Michele Yissi Nintcheu

Last modified: Sep 11, 2014