Campus Activities

The Goal of the Office of Campus Activities is to provide accurate recording and reporting of non-tax-levy funds (those funds which the College manages that are neither State legislated nor disbursed through the University’s Central Office). Thus, the Office maintains record keeping for such entities as the Lehman College Auxiliary Enterprise Corporation, the Lehman College Association for Campus Activities, the Lehman College Child Care Center, and the Lehman College Art Gallery. Its mission is to protect the integrity (and to ensure sound fiscal accountability and adequate internal controls) of all student activity fees, as well as those revenues obtained from the various Auxiliary Enterprise activities of the College.


  • Dawn Burgos
    Director of Campus Activities
    Office: Shuster Hall, Room 078
    Phone: 718‐960‐4962
    Fax: 718-960-7235

Last modified: Jun 23, 2015

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