Instructional Support Services Program/Tutoring

Online Tutoring

The Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) and the Science Learning Center (SLC) offer two options for online tutoring:

  • online tutoring in writing and in select natural science courses with ACE or SLC tutors.
  • online tutoring in writing, and in select natural science and social courses with the assistance of a service called NetTutor


ACE Online Writing Tutoring

The online writing tutoring program enables Lehman students to request feedback on their writing from any computer terminal with Internet connectivity. Students submit their work for feedback from a writing tutor, ask questions, and communicate with a tutor via e-mail. Students submit their work to a designated e-mail account. Because online tutoring, like face-to-face tutoring, requires input from both parties, when students submit work, they must also provide background information about the assignment and identify their main concern(s) so that the tutor can tailor his or her response. Students must have a valid Lehman e-mail account to access the online tutoring services.

Example of ACE Online Writing Tutoring Feedback

To see a sample of what online writing tutoring feedback looks like, please click here.

Registering for ACE Online Writing Tutoring

To register for ACE online writing tutoring, students need to stop by the ACE (Old Gym Building, room 205) to request an online tutoring account and to obtain instructions for how to access this service.


NetTutor Online Tutoring in the Natural and Social Sciences, and Writing

In addition to offering online tutoring in writing with ACE tutors, we offer access to a free online tutoring service called NetTutor. NetTutor provides tutoring in many subjects in the natural and social sciences and in writing. Tutors are available for live sessions, to answer submitted questions, and to review papers.

Writing assignments can be submitted to NetTutor 24 hours a day, every day of the week. All writing submissions to NetTutor will maintain a 48-hour turn around time. All other subjects will follow the NetTutor scheduled hours for the semester. Access to NetTutor is also availabe during the winter and summer sessions.

For Fall 2016, NetTutor is available for the following courses:


ACC 171  Principles of Accounting I BBA 204  Principles of Management CHE 120  Essentials Organic Chemistry ENG 303  English Literature III SPA 111  Elementary Spanish I
ACC 272  Principles of Accounting II BBA 207  Principles of Finance CHE 166  General Chemistry I ENG 308  American Literature SPA 112  Elementary Spanish II
ACC 334  Intermediate Accounting I BBA 303  Business Statistics I CHE 168  General Chemistry II ENW 210  Intro to Creative Writing NUR 330  Pharmacological Basis Of Nursing
ACC 335  Intermediate Accounting II BBA 332  Marketing Management CHE 232  Organic Chemistry 1 ENW 301  Poetry Writing NUR 405  Therapeutic Intervention IV
ACC 342   Advanced Accounting BIO 166  Principles of Biology: Cells & Genes CHE 234  Organic Chemistry 2 ENW 302  Fiction Writing PHI 171  Problems of Philosophy
ACC 439  Cost Accounting I BIO 173  Human Biology of Systems ECO 166  Introduction to Macroeconomics FRE 111  Elementary French I PHY 166  General Physics I
ACC 440  Cost Accounting II BIO 238  Genetics ECO 167  Introduction to Microeconomics FRE 112  Elementary French II PHY 167  General Physics II
ACC 441  Auditing BIO 244  Intro Biochemistry ENG 227  American Literature HIS 244  Modern United States History PSY 166  General Psychology
ACC 442  Intro Federal Taxation BIO 420  Molecular Biology ENG 301  English Literature I NUR 300  Nursing as A Human Science PSY 226  Statistical Methods in Psychology
AST 101  Introduction to Astronomy CHE 114  Essentials of General Chemistry ENG 302  English Literature II NUR 304  Therapeutic Intervention III SOC 166  Fundamentals of Sociology


Accessing NetTutor

To log in to NetTutor, go to your Lehman One Access account.

  • Sign-in using your Lehman e-mail user name (firstname.lastname) and password.
  • In the "Lehman Apps" section, click on the "NetTutor" icon. 
  • Click on the link course for which you would like tutoring.

Before you access NetTutor, we highly recommend you watch this brief informational video on how to use the NetTutor whiteboard and interact live with a tutor.

Submitting your Writing Assignments to the NetTutor Paper Center

If you are not able to meet with a NetTutor for a live tutoring session, you can submit a paper or questions to the NetTutor Paper Center, which is accessible as one of the course options offered by NetTutor when you log on to NetTutor. To submit an assignment to the Paper Center, please do the following:

  • Double space the assignment
  • Save it as a PDF
  • Upload to the Paper Center.

All writing submissions to the NetTutor Paper Center will maintain a 48-hour turn around time. You will be notified by email once your paper has been reviewed.

Before you access the NetTutor Paper Center, we highly recommend you watch this brief informational video on how to use the Paper Center.

NetTutor User Manual

For a detailed manual of how to access NetTutor and for troubleshooting, please view the NetTutor user manual.

NetTutor Technical Support

If you have any technical issues, please contact NetTutor at 1-813-674-0660, ext. 204. You may also fill out a customer support request form.


Science Learning Center Online Natural Sciences Tutoring

Online tutoring in select natual science courses enables Lehman students to receive tutoring in the supported classes in real time using Blackboard's Collaborate. Students wishing to receive tutoring for the select social sciences or chemistry courses in which online tutoring is offered must have a valid Lehman e-mail account, access to their CUNY portal account and to a computer that meets the specific technical requirements.

Registering for Natural Sciences Online Tutoring

To register for natural sciences online tutoring, students must stop by the SLC (Gillet Hall, room 133) to pick up and complete the online tutoring registration form and other important information on how to access online tutoring. Additionally, students who have registered for online science tutoring should continuously check their e-mail and Blackboard for important announcements concerning their registration and Blackboard Collaborate session.

Availability of Online Tutoring

As with all of our services, online tutoring may not be available during the winter and summer inter-session, and when the College is closed. For information about the availability of online writing and social sciences tutoring, please call the ACE at 718-960-8175 and for information about natural sciences online tutoring, please call the SLC at 718-960-7707.



Last modified: Nov 29, 2016

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